We are ecstatic to see all of the awesome badges popping up everywhere! You guys are already rocking out and we love it!


As our new point system started everyone over at bronze level 1, we want to make sure you all know how to identify our super knowledgeable Pillars of the Community and T-Mobile Staff. All you have to do is simply hover over any profile picture to see someone's ‘Me in Three’ section. This is where they should have their awesome Pillar badge or T-Mobile staff badge displayed.




How to add badges to your own 'Me in Three' section:

1) Click on your profile picture

2) Go to the Reputation Tab

3) Place your cursor on the badges displayed to activate the 'Me in Three' pop-up

4) Drag the badges of your choosing into your 'Me in Three' space

5) You are done, but know you are much cooler now for doing this!


Still a bit confused on how you can complete missions to earn points and badges? Check out our handy Missions and Badges FAQ.


New to the Community? Welcome! Complete your Getting Started Tutorial then dive in, join the fun, and start moving up the ranks!