Community Managers.gifDoes the Support Community feel a little friendlier lately? Have you noticed a little more goofing around in the Magenta Lounge than usual? Or maybe you're seeing less of a deluge of "36 hour" messages around?  Heck, maybe the community just feels a little more, you know, communal? All of this (and much, much more) is all thanks to our brand new Community Managers: Lauren and MC!


Please join me in giving these two a warm welcome as they lend us their expertise to engage users and work to clean up the mean streets of the internet. Learn a little bit more about @tmo_lauren and @tmo_mike_c here, and make sure you say hello when you see them out on the Support Community!


Meet Lauren

Lauren Profile Pic.png
  • What phone are you using? Moto X, soon to be Nexus 5X.
  • Where do you live? Nashville, Tennessee.
  • What is your favorite word? Jubilation or rapture.
  • What is your least favorite word? Snack. I love what it represents, I hate the sound of it.
  • What makes you happy? All sorts of things! People who laugh, thoughtful people, the sunshine, puppies, cat pictures, the internet, video games, food.
  • What  makes you sad? Mean people, poor grammar, littering.
  • What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Photographer, or something in radio. If I could just be Terry Gross or Ira Glass, that would be pretty cool.
  • What profession would you not like to do? Truck driving, only because I hate driving.


Meet MC

  • What phone are you using? Nexus 4 (Don’t judge me).
  • Where do you live? Colorado Springs is my “Wayne Manor”.
  • What is your favorite word? Cool.
  • What is your least favorite word? Moist.
  • What makes you happy? Going on new adventures.
  • What  makes you sad? Bad freestyle rap punchlines
  • What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Voice actor and animator of my own TV show.
  • What profession would you not like to do? Zoo keeper.
MC Profile Pic.png


Update (10/30/2015):
We're currently experiencing waves of random spam attacks so all of the below will apply. We'll try to make the experience as painless as possible but there may be higher than normal posting delays. As mentioned below, if your question is urgent you can always check out our Contact Us page for more direct channels for assistance.

Spam. The scourge of your inbox. Everyone, and every website has to deal with it! Websites even set up defenses to hold back the ever present danger of foreign princes and little blue capsules.


We're one of those sites that are always working hard behind the scenes to battle the spammers and keep them from posting in our Support Community, but every now and then they get crafty. When this happens we make sure to scoop these posts out as soon as we can, but you might have noticed some spam out there recently. Due to this, we've temporarily changed a few things until we can get our spam-blasting auto defense turrets online. Thanks for bearing with us while we clean up the mean streets of the Support Community, and as a rule, just don't send anyone your bank account number.



Posting delays

You may have noticed that some of your questions and replies aren't posting immediately. Or, if you are brand new to our community (welcome, by the way! It's not like this all the time, we promise) you might see your new registration showing as pending. This is to help us cut down on the spam posts until we're back to normal. We apologize for the inconvenience this can cause while you're looking to hang out with other T-Mobile customers and get their help, but it is only temporary.



Reporting spam

If you're out there posting away and you see a big ol' heap of spam creeping out there, help us out by reporting it! Just click this little button to send the offending post off to e-prison.

Report Abuse.png


Immediate help

If you need more urgent assistance with your account or need to contact someone at T-Mobile please contact us! Even if you don't feel like picking up the phone, we've got plenty of options available to get you some help.


The new T-Mobile Support

Posted by tmo_joshua Nov 17, 2014

T-Mobile Support is your home for answers about T-Mobile products and services.


Our support site is awesome. You can:


  • Check out support articles.
  • Get updates and tips through blogs.
  • Join the conversation by visiting our customer community.


On November 18, we'll launch a new site. You'll still be able to do everything you can now, only easier and faster.


Pictured below is a sneak peek of the new home page:





What's new with T-Mobile Support

We've added new tools that allow you to navigate the site with ease:


  • Top navigation bar. The top navigation allows you to access any one of our main areas on Support: Account, Billing, Coverage, Phones, and Plans. From the menu, you can access support documents, visit the community, or check out the blogs for that particular topic.
  • Side navigation bar. The side navigation is present on all of our topic pages. You can use it to access sub-topics, or jump to another topic in the site.
  • Additional resources. Couldn't find the information you needed? At the bottom of topic pages, and even support documents, you'll be able to ask your question to our customer community. We'll also link you to our contact information, where you can ask T-Mobile over the phone, connect with us on your favorite social network, or visit us at a store.


All these changes have been based on your feedback. We value what you tell us, so take a look around and let us know what you think.


Pillars of the Community

Posted by tmo_joshua Nov 3, 2014

Pillars of the Community

Champion of the people, good Samaritan, or as we like to call them: Pillars of the Community.  Who are they and what do they do? Read on to find out more about the most helpful members of the Support Community. 


What is a Pillar of the Community, exactly? We're glad you asked! Pillars are the chosen few members of the Support Community who are the most knowledgeable, helpful users who know how to play by the rules and have fun doing it.


How are Pillars chosen? Pillars are selected periodically from our most active users based on their interactions with other users. When we notice someone going above and beyond, we reach out to see if they'd like to join the illustrious Pillars of the Community.  We're looking to add even more Pillars soon, so get out there are post away!

Mobile browsing improvementsHey Support Community!


Browsing the web from your mobile device has come a long way and is only getting better. With the enhancements in smartphone and tablet browsing we're happy to announce a new, uniform browsing experience between desktop and mobile users in the Support Community!


Starting August 11, when accessing T-Mobile Support from a mobile device you will be directed to our full site, just like you see on your desktop or laptop!



What's new?

Our new and improved mobile browsing experience will allow for full navigation of T-Mobile Support as intended, and includes the ability to:

  • Register
  • Browse by space and device
  • Modify your profile, password, posts, and avatar
  • And much more!


Happy browsing!

So you're searched our extensive support documents, asked the Community your question and still need help? Well have no fear, because we've got plenty of ways to get in touch.


Check out our contact options below, and when you're ready, head on over to the Contact Us page.

Contact us if you need more help



Ways you can contact us

Live chat:

  • Don't feel like picking up the phone? When chat representatives are available, you can get professional support online without even having to pause that YouTube video.

Social media:

  • Speaking of the internet, why not use that Facebook page to get some help while you're liking all of those cat pictures your sister can't seem to stop posting?

Customer service:

  • If you just need to talk to someone on the phone, and the pizza guy just doesn't know how to get your text messaging to work properly, give us a call. We'll get you up and running, but can't help with dinner.

Find a store:

  • Sometimes a hands-on approach is needed. Find the closest T-Mobile store and get the added bonus of picking up that sweet new phone case you've had your eye on while you're there.

Send a letter:

  • If for any reason you want to take the "e" out of e-mail, you can send us a good old fashioned letter. Plus you can finally use those stamps! If you can just remember where you put them...

How @mentions work

Posted by tmo_phillip May 30, 2014

What exactly is an @mention?


We're glad you asked! While the @ or "at sign" has seen a bit of a renaissance lately due to everyone's favorite 140 character or less social media service, it has actually been around for quite some time. Here in the Support Community, we're even making use of this little guy, although you might not know it yet!


Placing an @mention of another Support Community user not only lets them know you're talking to them, but also creates a link to their profile page! They're super easy to use, and handy as all get out. You can even use @mentions to create quick links back to content you've recently viewed, like so! Word Association




How can I get in on the @ction?

Just follow these simple steps to start slinging @mentions in the Support Community:


  1. In a question or discussion, type the @ symbol and start typing someone's name.
  2. An auto-complete box will help you complete the person's name.
  3. You'll see their name next to a message icon like this: tmo_phillip.
  4. Finish typing the rest of your question or discussion, and post!
  5. Whoever you mention will now be notified, depending on their preferences.

Hello, everyone!


We're pleased to announce that starting today, you will be able to register and log in to the T-Mobile Support Community using your login information from some of your favorite sites, such as Yahoo, Facebook, and more! Also, if you are already a registered member, have no fear, because you do not need to re-register using the social login.




Having to create a separate login for every site you visit can be a hassle, and we know that. This is exactly why we've added this new functionality to offer a fast, easy, and secure way for you to log in to our Support Community using the same login that you use everyday on your social site of choice.


You can find all the information you need to get going with the new social login here: About social login.


See you in the Support Community!



Our New Look!

Posted by tmo_jonathan Aug 1, 2013

Greetings, Support Community!


You may have noticed a new look for us! has rolled out a fresh, new look to match our new Un-Carrier way of handling things! We really hope you enjoy it.


Along with the new look, we've redesigned our Support homepage. We want to get the most relevant content to those looking for help right off the bat, and this new homepage will help with that! Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 10.28.38 PM.png

We continuously work to improve our Support experience. This is just the beginning of our effort to get your the answers you need more quickly than ever before!


Thanks for reading, everyone! Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

Jonathan, T-Mobile Support Administrator and Designer


Community Tip of the Day

Posted by tmo_kellie Jul 25, 2013

We are ecstatic to see all of the awesome badges popping up everywhere! You guys are already rocking out and we love it!


As our new point system started everyone over at bronze level 1, we want to make sure you all know how to identify our super knowledgeable Pillars of the Community and T-Mobile Staff. All you have to do is simply hover over any profile picture to see someone's ‘Me in Three’ section. This is where they should have their awesome Pillar badge or T-Mobile staff badge displayed.




How to add badges to your own 'Me in Three' section:

1) Click on your profile picture

2) Go to the Reputation Tab

3) Place your cursor on the badges displayed to activate the 'Me in Three' pop-up

4) Drag the badges of your choosing into your 'Me in Three' space

5) You are done, but know you are much cooler now for doing this!


Still a bit confused on how you can complete missions to earn points and badges? Check out our handy Missions and Badges FAQ.


New to the Community? Welcome! Complete your Getting Started Tutorial then dive in, join the fun, and start moving up the ranks!

We have always envisioned our Community as a place not only to find answers, but a place for T-Mobile customers and fans to connect and have fun.


In April, we rolled out a new design in an effort to simplify our community support experience for our customers. With that phase completed, we are excited to announce another great enhancement coming to the Community.


As of next week, you will not only be able to earn points for actions you perform in the community, you will receive really cool and unique badges too! (Check out a few below)



These badges can be earned by completing top secret missions that consist of doing things (such as asking and answering questions) you are already doing. The more you participate, the more cool badges you will earn, and the higher you will climb on the leaderboards!

Already a member? Great! Your previous points will automatically be converted into a one-time limited edition Legacy Badge that new users will never be able to get.

Not a member yet? No worries, join now so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!


What's next? Stay tuned here for more information once the exciting new changes are rolled out next week!

That's right!  You heard it here first:  We're introducing a new blog where we will periodially post the latest news and updates for T-Mobile Support, My T-Mobile, and


So, remember this page, bookmark it, 'like' it,  'plus' it, tweet it, or share it with your friends.




The T-Mobile Community Management Team