• View your active promotions

    Only the Primary Account Holder (PAH) can view promotions for other lines on the account.   On this page: Personal accounts Business accounts with 21+ lines     Personal accounts  My T-Mobile B...
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  • Out-of-plan phone numbers

    Learn about out-of-plan numbers, and when you are charged for calling them from your T-Mobile phone.   Out-of-plan numbers Calls to chat lines, radio broadcast lines, and similar services aren't included in your ...
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  • View or print your bill & payments

    You can view your T-Mobile bill and payment history using the T-Mobile app on your device or by visiting My T-Mobile.com.   You can also manage paperless billing from the T-Mobile app or My T-Mobile.   On ...
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  • Bill support

    Learn what to do when you haven't received a bill, you're seeing charges from a month or two ago, or you need to report a bankruptcy.   On this page: Missing or late bill Delayed charges Bankruptcy   M...
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  • Fees & taxes

    Learn about fees and taxes you will find on your T-Mobile bill.   Go to: 911 Surcharge Account Restore Fee Activation Fee Late Fee Regulatory Programs Fee & Telco Recovery Fee Universal Service Fund Fe...
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  • Billing Responsible Party & authorized users

    If you're the person responsible for paying your T-Mobile bill, then you're the Billing Responsible Party. As the BRP, you can assign authorized users on the account.   On this page: Adding or removing authoriz...
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  • Understand your bill

    Learn how to understand your T-Mobile bill. If you've registered on My T-Mobile, you can view or print your T-Mobile bill online.   If this is your first T-Mobile bill, the amount owed may be different than what...
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  • Paperless billing

    Save trees, give your mail carrier a little break, and cut back on paper cuts. Sign up for paperless billing!   To sign up for paperless billing, you'll need to be the Primary Account Holder (PAH), have a My T-M...
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  • Adjustments & refunds

    Expecting an adjustment, deposit refund, or payment refund? Get the inside track by checking out the info below.   On this page: Adjustment Deposit refund Payment refund Refund decline   Adjustment Wh...
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  • Change your billing cycle & due date

    Thinking about changing your billing cycle and due date? We want to make sure you're aware of all the impacts first, so check out the info below. If after reviewing you'd still like to make the change contact us to ge...
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  • Past due account changes

    We understand that sometimes you may need extra time to pay your bill. Keep in mind you will be limited to what account changes you can make when your account is past due.   Payment arrangements may be available...
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