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    receiving duplicate texts

      about every 5 or 6 texts, when someone texts me, I get a duplicate.  Anyone one else have this problem? Solution?

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          I've had my Amaze since Thursady and haven't had that issue....

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            scottslc wrote:


            about every 5 or 6 texts, when someone texts me, I get a duplicate.  Anyone one else have this problem? Solution?

            It has happened to me as well. Sometimes wtih smoeone with T-Mobile, other times with people from other carriers. It happens once a while and it's perfectly normal, but a tad annoying.

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              My fiance and I have the same issue with duplicate text messages.  Doesn't happen all the time, but it's weird.  At least we have unlimited texts.  But annoying.  Wonder if it has to do with not using the sim card that came with the phone.  Anyhow, we love our Amaze(s).

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                Not really an issue with mine. Every once in a while I will recieve a duplicate text, but its not often, and no more than it would on any other phone Ive had.

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                  I was noticing this happening with my old phone over the past month and a half or so. Occasionally I'd get a double post, and oddly enough it was all from the same person (she was using a Sensation, now a GS2). Haven't seen it on this phone yet.

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                    I have a similar issue. It only happens with two of my friends, both of whom have iPhones and it duplicates half of their messages, including MMS. Duplicated MMS messages include whatever text was accompanying the photo, but the photo itself is unable to be retrieved. It's beyond annoying!

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                      I'm having this issue as well. I am using the Handcent SMS app, are you guys using that or just the default messaging?


                      It doesn't happen with EVERY text or certain people, I would say it happens about 40% of the time..


                      Sometimes I actually get 2 copies of the text, sometimes I get one text but it notifies me twice, usually about 30 seconds to a minute between sounds...


                      It's a bit annoying but I realize that smartphones aren't perfect, they ALL have glitches/bugs that will be ironed out with updates.. I guess we just have to hang tight unless someone has found a soultion yet.. Anyone?



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                        I, too, have this problem. I do not have Handcent SMS installed. It's so annoying. I'd say this happens to me every day, or maybe every other day. Anyone know how to fix this?

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                          I've gotten the occasional duplicate text, but it hasn't been too annoying yet.

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                            I see this pretty often on my Amaze using the built in messaging app.  I've even seen triplicate texts a couple of times.  I'm use to it now, but found it annoying at the beginning.  It happens from both Tmo phones and from other cariers.

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                              I called customer service with this issue and they asked me to delete all SMS messages I had and after that did some magic with phone setup on the back end. All of this resulted in me receving duplicate messages next day.

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                                Still happening, still pretty annoying. Sometimes the duplicate text will be like 30-60 minutes later. Sometimes my phone will alert me and there won't even be a new text...


                                I hope an OTA update will fix this... Has anyone head of an OTA update on the way? lol...

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                                  Hi there!

                                  I definitely understand that would get extremely annoying! If you are getting duplicate notifications, have you checked to ensure your default messaging apps notifications are turned off? If those are on, that would definitely explain the duplicate alert issue. Do you notice duplicates on longer threads? Or does it not matter how long the thread is? Does it happen with a specific person?

                                  I can definitely help with that!


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                                    But what if you already are using the default messaging app on the phone and this is happening? I guess I notice duplicates on longer threads, but the chances of getting a duplicate text are higher for those who text me more often. It happens to some persons more than others, then again, they text me more. It eventually happens to most of my contacts.

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