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    luigiesin wrote:


    Anyways I'm not crazy for Sammy phones.... just get an HTC Sensation!!!  it will be updated to ICS next month anyways...  it has better camera, better screen, better processors, and of course premium build.  Samsung phones are all plastic!! Tmo has better phones than the Samsung Nexus trust me ;)


    Most people who are Nexus fans are not going to hear you on an HTC Sensation recommendation.  I have to disagree with you on the better screen on the Sensation.  Don't get me wrong, I love the aspect ratio and color quality on the Sensation.  However, the Galaxy Nexus screen is a pleasure to read with its high resolution.  The addition ~.3 inches make viewing even better, without it being any more difficult to hold.


    I'm not understanding the dislike for plastic phones.  As long as the phone doesn't break, what's the problem?  I'm not a fan of Samsung for other reasons, but will take a Nexus phone because of Google's control over the device.  I had a Vibrant (the phone that caused me not to be a Samsung fan) and the plastic body of the phone was never a problem for me.  Can someone explain to me the plastic vs. other material dilemma?

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    I understand...  but even the Sensation has a higher resolution screen comparing to the NExus..  check the specs.

    The Sensation is not a brick.. actually is pretty thin!


    Maybe you like plastic phones, I really don't..  probably they last the same time, but I like to feel a premium phone on my hands since I'm paying the same amount of money I would pay for a plastic phone.


    I do not dislike Samsung..  probably I didn't explain myself right...  I think the Nexus is a great phone...  I just prefer higher resolution screen, higher resolution camera and a premium build.  The rest is just the same

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    I don't "like" plastic phones, I just don't dislike plastic phones.  I couldn't care less what the phone is made out of, as long as it doesn't fall apart!   The Sensation's "aluminum" is really plastic, just a heavier feeling plastic than what Samsung uses.


    I certainly don't think that the Sensation is a brick (maybe that comment was directed to another poster).


    My comment was based on using both the Sensation and the Galaxy Nexus.  I enjoy the screen on the Sensation, but the screen on the GN is easier to read, with crisper text. 


    Where did you hear that the resolution was better on the Sensation than the GN?  This comparison is for the Sensation XE and the GN, but the XE has the same resolution as the original Sensation.


         "At 4.65-inches, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’s screen is one of the largest on the market. It’s also by far the      sharpest, with a stunning 720 x 1,280-pixel resolution. If web browsing is high on your agenda, the Samsung      Galaxy Nexus is worth buying for the screen alone.

         The HTC Sensation XE is HTC’s flagship smartphone, featuring a 4.3-inch touchscreen. With a resolution of 540      x 960-pixels, it’s not as sharp as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but it’s still easily good enough for any mobile      task."


    from: http://www.bizgene.com/8902989/samsung-galaxy-nexus-v-htc-sensation-xe-business-face-off/


    The aspect ratio works out to be the same, so you have more space and sharper text on the GN.


    The Sensation's camera beats the GN's camera by a longshot.

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    Y'know.. I just saw where you can pre order the Nexus Galaxy unlocked for the AT&T spectrum for 700 bucks..




    I can get an unlocked iPhone 4S and use that on the T-Mo network and just use Wifi when I'm near it.


    To heck with Google.. this is a slap in the face to T-Mobile - the only company that would even BOTHER with Android when it came out.  I'm just going to buy iPhones and iPads from now on and remove my apps from the Market.

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    I wouldn't go too crazy.  1.2 GHz processor, dual core or not, is already year old technology.

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    Can someone please clarify for me:  I thought the Galaxy Nexus was going to be a 4G phone- that it would support 4G networks....but when I look at the specs for the phone, it says only 2G and 3G.  This doesn't make any sense to me for a brand new phone that should be cutting edge and if true, would leave me feeling quite disappointed regarding a phone I've been anxiously awaiting....please tell me I'm missing something!

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    Where are you seeing the specs that you are referring to? There are many different specs floating around out there.


    The GSM Galaxy Nexus that I have features 4G using HSPA+, not LTE.  The specs for HSPA+ are the same as the 3G specs.

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    I saw it a couple of weeks ago and thought it must be a mistake, but after reading this thread, I saw it again when looking to price the phone unlocked so I can use w/t-mobile:


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    OK, this is the same phone that I have.  Go down to the Data section where you see 3G/H+.  The part that mentions the 21 Mbps is the 4G part for T-Mobile.  I got better speeds on the Galaxy Nexus than I was getting on the Sensation 4G, but that may not be saying much.  I'm not close to 4G towers, as far as I know, so my experience won't help you much.


    By the way, follow Negri Electronics on Twitter.  If they get to 6,000 followers by Thursday, they will give away two Galaxy Nexus phones.  It could be your lucky day!

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    WOW!  Fantastic...that WOULD be my lucky day! 


    Outside of having such luck, any other leads on a great discount to get one unlocked?  I thought $500 was high when I got my Nexus One, but $700 is making that sound like a deal!  Love my Nexus One, even though I've returned to get a new one about 4 times and now am suffering w/out use of my power button...still find it to be the greatest Android out there.


    The Galaxy Nexus size comparison in pictures make it look HUGE!  I remember when the HTC Windows based phone came out (name escaping me) that TMo pushed a couple years ago before I got my Nexus and I was all excited until I got one and realized it was just way too big.....how do you feel about the size of the Galaxy Nexus?  My Nexus is the perfect size, too much bigger and I think it would be clumsy and hard to fit anywhere....your opinion?

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    its a samsung phone so if it's anything like the galaxy s 2 it's going to be light as a feather.  despite the huge screen size on the galaxy s 2 I barely notice it in my pocket.


    I'm pretty happy with the galaxy s 2.  the processor numbers wise is faster than the galaxy nexus at least from what I've read.  hey finally sorted out the wifi calling and apart from a little hiccup this week it seems to be working well. 


    The other thing about the galaxy nexus is the curved screen.  Not sure whether that will be a nuisance our a nice feature.

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    Most of the discounts that I have seen may have expired by now. The highest amount that I had seen was $60 off.  Negri Electronics had some discount codes given out in Twitter, but I don't know if any are current now.  With Expansys, there were third party websites offering rebates if you linked to Expansys through them.  Fat Wallet is an example of one of those sites, but they had the lowest discount at 2%. There is an extremely long thread on XDA that has the comments from Expansys customers and some of the discounts that they used.


    The phone is rather large, but I can still use it single-handedly for most things.  I like the large screen and its resolution, so I was willing to deal with the extra girth.  Michael is right, in that it is a light phone.  The curved screen is barely noticeable on the Galaxy Nexus.  I also had the Nexus S where the curved screen was a bit more noticeable, but it didn't cause any problems.

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    I don't know if you will see this in time, but the Galaxy Nexus is $560 at Daily Steals for the next three hours.



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    Wow!!!  That's great!  Thanks for remembering and posting this! 


    What's the final word?  You're happy w/yours??  Works well on T-mobile network? 


    What is w/the person who stated something about it already being year old technology?  It's the best out there and available now, isn't it? 


    Lastly, anything specific that makes the Galaxy Nexus significantly better the one released previously, which has now also received the ICS upgrade? 



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    21stnow wrote:


    I don't know if you will see this in time, but the Galaxy Nexus is $560 at Daily Steals for the next three hours.




    Well, poop.. too soon after the xmas holidays and I don't have the money. 




    Oh well...