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    Galaxy S2 Lock Screen Problems



      I did it, and became an early adopter of a brand new phone.  I went out on the 12th and got the first S2 from my local t-mobile store.  I was very impressed with the phone from the get-go.  Unfortunately, now that i've had a little over a week with the device two issues have popped up. 


           First and foremost is that my lock screen has dissappeared.  I have had multiple time now where i have hit the screen unlock button in my pocket and dialed random numbers.  I also almost purchased a $10 app while the phone was put in my shirt pocket.  I spent at least an hour with customer care, and unfortunately all they can recomend is a full factory reset.  I am throwing out hope that someone in this forum may know whats going on and can help with a better solution. 


           Second, I keep having a symbol pop up in the signal area that looks like a no smoking sign,  Every time i try to use the phone or browse the internet it says no mobile network available.  After a reboot ala removing the battery and waiting 10 minutes after then finally my signal comes back. 


           Please help!!! I really don't want to reset my phone.  I have a few hours in setup that I really don't wanna do again!!! Thanks guys

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