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    Android Market Message: device content rating filter ....

      I am suddenly getting this darn message: device content rating filter is incompatible with this item


      I've been using the android market from my PC and the Phone! What is causing this! I have a message out to Android Market Support (yet not sure when they will reply).


      I writing this here because what I surfed upon to resolve this issue was for Older Android Phones and none that I could see for the My Touch 4G. I could not find anywhere easy where I could reset this rating under my Google Account or on the Phone!


      This is making me hate having a "Google" Phone! Also, noticed there is no way for me to delete the darn device and re-add it back under my Google account (What a Google RIP, if you brought your phone they why don't they allow you to deal with your OWN DEVICE, on their servers?).


      I about ready to delete my Google account from the phone if I can and start again! Which is really stupid!


      Another thought I throw in here also:

           Question why wasn't Google Chrome Installed on this device is it still an available option as Phone Web Browser?

                     That was I was going after and can't even install the Darn thing!

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          I believe we can help  you! If I understand correctly you are trying to install Google Chrome from the Android Market because it was not preloaded on the device, but you are getting a filtering error message. 


          Let's start by checking your current Content Filtering settings.

          • Access the Android Market from your myTouch
          • When the market is loaded - press the menu button
          • You should see settings, select it
          • Now you will see a list of settings to choose from - in the list you should see "Content Filtering" - select it
          • Make sure that all of the options you wish to accept are checked. 
            • What you have selected will allow apps rated for everyone, low maturity, medium maturity, high maturity and show all apps.   


               Which do you have selected?


          As for deleting your device - can you tell me a little more about how you are trying to delete the device?  Are you trying to remove the GMail account you signed in with and sign in with another?  Please provide more details, so we can help you with this too.


          Warm regards,


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            If not all the content filtering options are selected - select them all (to allow all apps to be downloaded) and try to download Google Chrome again.  Do you still get the error message or were you successful?




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              Thanks Tara...

              This is part of the correct answer (Same one I got of course from the google/market support team)

              "To change the level of your content filter please

              follow these steps on your My Touch 4g:

                    *1.) Open the Android Market app on your device (it's the one that is a white bag with the green droid on it)

                     2.) Press the Menu button on your My Touch

                     3.) Tap Settings on your screen

                     4.) Scroll to Content Filter and Tap it

              You'll be able to change the filter level from here."


              *Note how you access it on phone is important since I would normally just do it via a Browser and not the Widget! The Widget I believe is the one that contains the code so that I can change these options!


              This was my reply to them (and also you, if you know):

              Thanks these directions were perfect from the Phone  it was okay (i.e. Set to "EVERYONE"), but how do we do it via the web?

              On the WEB (https://market.android.com/?hl=en), that I am having the problem.


              How I've been loading applications:

                             1) Review what I want or needed via my PC

                             2) Then I issue the "INSTALL" Command for my one Device


              I believe being able to install OTA via PC is a option  to the market? So I need the directions on how to make this setting change once I log into the Market place on my PC. This is where it is grey out and giving me this error, not when I access the market via the phone!

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                Tara What I found out and glad you stepped in:

                I want to be able to manage my own devices via my GMAIL account. I did not see or find away to do this with my account. LOL I  opened a special account just for this device (long story...but I basically I don't want my Contact Information on my phone mixed with my Email Contact information or my Outlook stuff....another HTC Problem because the didn't provide software so we could sync with our PC etc with this phone).


                Anyway the Google Support was fast on the spot too (surprisingly) so Here is what I provided to them to Close their TICKET: Right from the email I replied to them with!


                "This is the Option Screen I get when I access the market widget/app.(opps can't add an Image file from my PC don't know why, forgot about that problem with this site but here is a web link to Similar image of it: http://www.eurodroid.com/pics/android_market_content_filtering_1.png).


                That image comes from someone BLOG page (LOL glad HTC or TMOB removed the option for ads..NOPE don't want any dumb option or ADS)


                I played around on this screen and eventually got it fixed!


                I have a feeling this is new feature since in my research to solve my own problem I ran across a site where folks were requesting this (GREAT addition), but my caveat with it is that initially it should be set on all devices to some standard by default and Everyone was I thought a good choice for what I was seeking!  One being FLIXSTER (didn't realize that this application did not fall under the EVERYONE content). Also suggest that all APPS have a content filter added to them (FREE/PAY).


                I suspect the "Show all Apps" option will allow it to show it in my list but not let me install it. Most applications should be under the "EVERYONE" content filter. Parental Controls on what can be seen on the device (phones, thou to me should start with the PARENT). A parent that hands a child a phone without first knowing what they are allowing them to do or see with it is asking for trouble. LOL the Digital AGE....and my daughter (whose grown now) wonder why I had to look over her shoulder while she was on the Internet. She learned how to write HTLM/JAVA at 10 but not sure she knows any of it now)


                My problem was I had to Get ON my device (my phone) to make the change. If you let me install OTA why not let me control some of this OTA as well via PC? In particular when we are talking about a Phone Device."


                My further .02:
                My Problem on how this is being done::
                1. Only can be done from the Android Device (suggest making it available OTA via any PC with validation process). This would open the door for allowing Users to Control this feature remotely and possibly with an OPEN ID! So folks can have a single ID (GMAIL ID is one found on many sites, LOL I just ran across someone allowing HOTMAIL ID's -- hehe didn't think anyone could create one of those anymore since HOTMAIL has been LIVE since at least 2005 that I know about)

                2. On  a Device in particular Phones allow for SIGN out Option for Any Web Application/Widget such that the Web application CLOSES(Nicely Stops the browser). (This is Why I'm after Chrome...to see if it will allow me to SIGN out). My Phone looks to be delivered with a MS IE type of browser Interface. When I leave that window application is still running killing my battery!). I want a browser that if I X of that window it stops!

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                  So just to confirm - you are looking for a way to manage your Android Market app settings from the Android Market on your PC and the option to close your browser and stop this as a running task to eliminate it from connecting and using your battery?


                  Also, were you able to install Chrome and did it give you the option to sign out?