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    Wi-Fi disabled - secured with WEP

      I'm sitting in my room next to my router where I'm trying to cennect to WiFi. My SGS2 displays "obtaining IP address" and then says "remembered, secured with WEP" and finally says "Disabled, secured with WEP. I have a Apple Airport Extreme, and the signal strength is "excellent".


      I logged on to Netflix, but it said it couldn't play a movie unless I connected through Wi-Fi or at least 3G. I am barely getting 4G--it usually says "E." I don't really need to watch netflix on my phone, but I'd like to see that I can do it if desired.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated. I spoke with a customer service rep and all he did was suggest I purchase T-Mobile insurance. Another T-mobile rep did the same thing (tried to sell me on their insurance plan) when I called about my phone shutting off about 5 seconds after I turned the power on.


      The Wi-Fi thing is bugging me...thanks in advance for any suggestions and help!

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          I have a stupid wuestion for you. When you look at the wifi settings and you look under wifi settings. Do you select your Airport extreme network and enter the WEP code? If not, the phone will not be able to connect to your wifi network.

          AFTER verifying the WEP passphrase, it will get the IP from your router, given that DHCP is configured on the router

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            Thanks so much for your response--no stupid questions unless I'm doing the asking!


            I've put in the passcode and it tries to obtain the IP address, then says remembered but ends up saying disabled. I'm not a techie, so I'm not familiar with the language or much of anything when it comes to networks. Actually, right now it just says "secured with WEP" so I don't know if that means I have a connection or not.


            I almost think this phone's too much for me. Any help is appreciated...