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        Well i just recently switched from att, and cut my bill in half.  Couldn't really test before buying and 14 days seems like a lot but i don't find it to be enough "test" time if you know what i mean.


        It's unfortunate because my area is rated as "good 4g" coverage but my house must be lined with lead of something because my phone struggles between edge and nothing.


        I've noticed the amaze doesn't pick up on signals too well as my wife's phone receives more bars than me.  She is still using her iphone 3gs.


        I think i've just been more upset with the Amaze rather than not having service in my house.  I really wish they would allow me to return the phone so i could get a SG2.  I've heard much better things about that phone, better antenna and battery life which are by far my biggest concerns.

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          scottslc wrote:




          And not being critical, but why would you get a mobile service that doesn't service your own home?  Just a thought.


          Well, I have spotty signal at home (and 2G at that), but I stay with T-Mobile just for WiFi calling because I need it for overseas travel, but it also fixed my coverage problem at home.  But only if they can get me the update.  This is really my first Android device, and in the future, I won't need to be tied to T-Mobile for WiFi calling with the other VoIP options available now.  Having my cell number overseas is nice, but not a necessity, since most of my calls are outgoing (can only call when I have WiFi anyways), so Skype or Groove IP would work for me on other carriers that don't support WiFi calling.

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