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        Where do you live?


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          IM right outside of Philadelphia a place call bucks county

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            I'm in SF and not getting 3g speeds at all. strictly EDGE. and we are supposed to be one of the markets with the updated t-mob network.



            using the original settings in this thread lost Siri for me. I'm pasting here what I used to now have MMS, Siri, and facetime all working. the changes are in the settings in Cellular Data Network, step 11.


            you need to do all the steps!  if you just do step 11, it will not work.  you need to back up to computer through itunes then Ibackupbot (on computer) you will look for you backup file and do Step 5 .  Without step 5 your phone will not work this is the missing part from your phone.


            1. Backup your iPhone 4S in iTunes (and make sure you're backed up to google as well if you're coming from android and/or do both an icloud and a computer backup)



            2. Download, install and open iBackupBot (Google it)



            3. Select your recent iPhone backup



            4. Find and open the file named "com.apple.mms_override.plist"



            5. Delete the text in this file and replace it with


            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

            <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">

            <plist version="1.0">

























            6. Save the changes



            7. Exit iBackupBot and open iTunes



            8. Restore your iPhone with the most recent backup



            9. After your iPhone reboots go to Settings>General>Network and turn on Data Roaming



            10. While still in Network settings go to >Cellular Data Network and enter "epc.tmobile.com" as the APN for Cellular Data and Internet Tethering



            11. Enter the following for MMS settings:

                  APN: epc.tmobile.com

                  MMSC: http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc

                  MMS Proxy:

                 MMS UA Prof URL: http://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf

                  NOTE: Leave all other fields empty, if they have anything in them, delete it.



            12. Reboot

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              Why wouldnt this work if you simply edit the mms override file?

              Iam tyring everything to get two iphones to mms properly. I have a 4s and a 3gs, the 4s works for a bit then fails, simply by editing thefile with ifunbox. The 3gs doesnt even have a camicon near in the mms field. This really sucks been trying to fix this for a month now. I had the camera icon on the 3gs when I downloaed the mms fix from cydia but now its gone again.

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                Went to the Apple Genius bar today to see if they can assist with fixing the MMS issue I was having with my factory unlocked iPhone 4s.


                This is what he did to resolve the issue, without downloading any additional software. Now I can receive picture messaging on my phone Hope it works for you guys having the same issues I was having.


                MMS settings to fit T-Mobile’s network:

                Now MMS should work on your unlocked iPhone

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                  My trial version of ibackupbot isn't working. Is there any free full version for mac?

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                    Is your 4s a full carrier unlocked model or one direct from Apple?


                    Was curious about this issue and I send a lot of pictures with my current phone (Tmo branded Galaxy S2).

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                      anna-lizza  Thanks so much for posting those settings!  They worked PERFECTLY for my iphone and it was so much simpler then using another program to get it working.

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                        Yes these are the correct settings as of 2012 for the iPhone 3, 3Gs, 4 and 4S.

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                          What might make you GRRRR even more is that you don't need to buy factory unlocked 4S from Apple directly anymore. It used to be that this was the only way to have a reliable unlock. Once AT&T was forced to unlock iPhones that had completed the two year agreement successfully, it opened the door for shops like mine that offer iPhone parts and services are now able to provide factory unlocking services for around 30 bucks!


                          We send the unlocking codes to Apple servers. Then when you restor or update you iPhone (3Gs, 4 or 4S) iTunes will complete the unlock and that's it, you have a factory unlocked iPhone no special SIM or jailbreak is needed anymore!

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                            I had to send in my unlocked iPhone for service to Apple and was sent a refurbished model.


                            The beauty of it all was simply dropping my T-Mobile SIM card in and it worked right off the bat. All features working. MMS, Siri, FaceTime, the works.


                            Didn't have to enter anything at all. Set up the replacement as a new phone via iTunes, checked for service and then restore from my backup.

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                              Yes all the "factory" type unlocks are actually under the control of Apple. Whether it's AT&T providing the unlock, GURUmicro or any other company able to offer this type service. These companies have the ability ti send the unlock approval over to Apple then Apple actually performs the unlock through iTunes.


                              Once your unique IMEI number has been factory unlocked, Apple will always know about it. So even if your factory unlocked iPhone gets replaced under warranty by Apple with a refurb, they know its unlocked by the IMEI number.


                              This type factory unlock is definately the way to go if you want an iPhone on T-Mobile! No jailbreaking type hacks are ever required and you won't lose your unlock if you update your iPhone software when new versions come out.

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                                I agree with scullen. Use USB connect tethering if possible, you get the added benefit of your phone being charged from the laptop while tethering. Tethering wirelessly drains the phone battery quick and is slower than a direct USB connection.

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                                  In regards to the IMEI number, the refurb I had gotten had a different one. The key part is if you get a an email telling you that both the serial and IMEI have changed and noted.


                                  This didn't go without a few hiccups however. Push notifications from the Facebook app no longer sounds off an alert. Checked my prefs and just about everything and noticed that once I activated this iPhone, my iPad no longer sounds off. Weird!

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                                    This worked for me after trying a million other things. The key was changing the APN to Cingular!!!



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