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    Just which UMTS bands does Amaze 4G have?

      Almost every documentation I look at lists different UMTS bands for this phone. Even T-Mo websites cannot agree: the phone shopping website <http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/Phones/cell-phone-detail.aspx?cell-phone=HTC-Amaze-4G-Black> lists the usual T-Mo 1700/2100 MHz frequencies only, while the Support website <http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2614> includes all UMTS bands, including AT&T's 1900 and 850 MHz, plus the 900 MHz. To add to the confusion, HTC's own web site <http://www.htc.com/us/products/amaze4g-tmobile?view=1-1&sort=0#tech-specs> also lists almost all UMTS bands, except the 900 MHz. Can't T-Mobile get this spec straight?


      I went to a nearby T-Mobile store to clarify this with an employee there but he seemed to know less about the subject than I. We also tried to drill down in the setup menus of a demo handset, hoping to find an option to manually set the band if there was a list of those bands, but we could not find any. The funny thing was that the list of bands that was printed on the box Amaze came in also was different from what's on T-Mobile's web site. How  can somebody shell out all the money for a handset whose specs are so vaguely defined? I am looking not only toward a merger here but also for a phone I could use in Europe with  locally bought SIM card there. Does anybody read these posts from T-Mobile with definite knowledge on this issue? That would help.

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          Box and tmo site show umts aws IV which are tmo bands and no one else.

          The confusion is the documentation provided by htc shows one line for aws IV and one for aws II

          aws II is the att bands

          I think maybe either HTC has their site mis labeled or that tmo is just not displaying it.

          HTC should let us know i think they would have the best answer.

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            There is only one AWS and that's 1700 MHz. I think what you meant by aws II and aws IV was UMTS II and UMTS IV. You may be right though about what is on the box because I was looking at both Amaze 4G and Galaxy S 2 boxes. So what I thought I saw on Amaze box was really on the GS2 box. My bad! However, the rest what I wrote about the different documentation is still correct. One explanation for the discrepancy might be that those extra data bands are in the phone as a hidden option to be made available only by special unlocking code. I would accept that if it was indeed the case.

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              While AWS is described as using the 1700 frequency band, it actually splits upstream using 1710-1755 mhz and downstream using 2110-2155 mhz. That's what leads to some confusion.


              That pairing of frequencies is what makes up UMTS Band IV.


              There is a frequency overlap with UMTS Band I (IMT), but different channels are used.


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                Thanks that clarification, philyew. That explains why so many specs list 2100 and 1700/2100 MHz separately. Additional confusion results when some specs use the AWS designation instead of 1700/2100. Then, of course, some prefer the WCDMA instead of UMTS acronym. In any case, I wish all high-end smart phones would have all the commonly used UMTS bands built in and let the subsidizing carrier lock out the other carriers' bands.