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    Galaxy S II randomly shuts down

      This happens mostly at night when I leave it to charge overnight, it'll be off by morning. This is frustrating because I use it as an alarm, does anyone know a fix or should I just return it for a new one? I just got it 2 days ago.

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          I've used it as an alarm since release and have not seen this behavior.  I looked at the power saving settings and did not find any auto shutdown either.  It may be defective. 



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            I haven't had this happen to me for the S2 but I've only had it for one night/day.


            This did happen to my old Vibrant Galaxy S when I was charging it overnight. I think it overheated and turned off by itself. It only overheats when I plug it into my computer to charge overnight but if I plug into a regular outlet, it doesn't happen. I'm not sure if thats the same thing as you.

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              Android phones are glitchy, especially at first. If this issues is a problem for enough people, they will release an ota update soon enough. If not, you might want to exchange it. My Sensation used to assign random album art. More folks complained. A month later, there was an update.

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                It is less than 24h I have Galaxy SII and it shut off twice what is bad and then it is very hard to turn on again.  2 minutes of pushing and releasing power button.  Something is wrong

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                  I have the same problem.  Purchased phone two days ago - it has shut down 4 times since then.  And as jti says, it's very hard to turn back on.  I'm going to return my phone but curious what the issue is. 


                  of note - on long-pushing the power button in trying to turn the phone on, after an extended period the phone will vibrate  and then do nothing.  It's as if it's hibernating and is going to wake up, but then nothing happens.  I can get it to do this repeatedly (long-push to a short burst of vibration, but without waking up or powering on).  Eventually it will power back on, but I haven't isolated the problem to know what the difference is between making it vibrate and turn on.


                  Also of note, on powering up the phone this morning on waking up (after it shut off sometime during the night), the battery was quite drained from where it had been before going to bed - I left it at 75% or so and it was around 22% on waking up.  GPS and WIFI were off.  I do not leave my phone plugged in overnight, so this was not an issue related to charging.  Also, I turned off the screen via a short push (i made sure it was not a long-push, which I was afraid may have been shutting it off). 


                  Has anyone else noted the reduction in battery power similar to this? 

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                    Looks like there are two distinct questions here, so I'll try to tackle them.


                    "of note - on long-pushing the power button in trying to turn the phone on, after an extended period the phone will vibrate  and then do nothing.  It's as if it's hibernating and is going to wake up, but then nothing happens."


                    This happens when the battery is fully depleted.  There's not even enough charge left to attempt to power the device on.  You'll need to charget the device a bit before it'll power on.


                    As for the other concern related to charging the device, make sure you're using the cable and charging adapter that came in-box with your handset.  The design of the included charger is set up to help charge the device faster than older model chargers.


                    One other thing:  For the comment of the device draining from 75% to 22% overnight, definitely check and see what is running in the background.  I've been using this device for quite a while through testing and development and only saw this happen one time.  It was related to a marketplace app I had downloaded and used, but it hung in the background and was chewing up RAM and CPU cycles even when I wasn't using the phone.  Force-ending it through the built in task manager cleared up the issue and I ended up removing the app as it obviously wasn't properly built.

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                      Thanks for the reply launcher. 



                      • the only cable i have used to charge the phone is the one that came with it. 
                      • I shut down all applications via the task manager before going to bed.  The phone itself should not have run through 75% of the battery life with the screen off and no applications running over just 7 hours, should it?
                      • Also though, when the phone did finally wake up, it had 22% of battery life, which means that it was not fully depleted. 
                      • Unless there is something making the phone think that it is fully depleted at that point, that would seem to make the two issues you point out unrelated.   (ie:  not powering on b/c it's fully depleted is not possible b/c it was not fully depleted)
                      • possibly related, Power Saving mode was not turned on (i just did this).  But again, there was a charge in the phone when it did power up. 
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                        Also - my phone just crashed again.  i charged it to 100% this morning.  It was at 95% battery life when this happened.  This rules out this being an issue only related to the battery being fully exhausted. 

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                          Welcome to Android - bugs, crashes & the incessant eventual updates to address incessant bugs & crashes. Like a PC, it's the price you pay for a customizable, open-source device where the unit is made by one company... the OS by another.... and given service by a third. With every high-end Android device, you can expect to either have glitches that will have to be ironed out over the first month, or a lemon that's so glitchy you must return it. More Androids are returned than any other device.

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                            Phone continues to crash 4 - 5 or more times a day, though strangely has not happened again overnight (after prolonged hibernation).  Last night it had only 30% power before hibernating, which further rules out it being an issue related to battery life. 


                            (ha - this is ridiculous - i see it just crashed on me, while typing this post.  It must have done that on purpose - knowing I was typing in the forums....  =)


                            I notice it most after I push the side bar to put it to sleep.  Which might be related, or i might just notice it most then b/c I'll pick it back up soon after to check something else.  I have not been able to isolate anything that seems to be related to the crash though. 


                            To turn it back on i have to push the side button for at least 10-12 seconds for the initial vibrate.  Then I release, then push it again a second or two later and release.  i'm getting better at firing it back up but it doesn't always happen the first try though....


                            I think 5 crashes in a day merits a return, but other than that I am happy with the device (even if the AT&T version is sleaker, a little more refined and has the bounce effect on the scroll - terrible service in my neighborhood though...).  Am curious how many other users are having this consistent crash problem though, and in what circumstances they notice it. 

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                              I am having the same problem on a phone that is not even 12 hours old! it worked perfect until about 10pm then it just shut off, now it wont stay on!...I am so angry!

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                                There was an earlier post with similar problems that were eventually attributed to incompatiable apps migrated from their old phones.  Don't know if that's the issue here.  Have you tried a fresh install with nothing but stock apps?  If that crashes I'd say return it ... yours is buggered. 



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                                  Hektek:  Can you share some details about your device?


                                  - Apps installed

                                  - What was happening when the device crashed

                                  - Any steps you can take to help us reproduce the issue

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                                    Mine randomly restarts too. It's pretty annoying. The other night it restarted several times in a two hour period. I've heard that the battery is to blame as it doesn't sit snug enough in the phone. I don't know if that's true or not.

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