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    Galaxy S II random rebooting

      My brand new phione seems to reboot 2-3 times every day while sitting and doing nothing on my desk. Anyone else have this issue?


      I think there will be an RMA in my future.


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          Have you put any apps on your phone already? There could be a bad app that is causing this. Try to find out if that's the cause before you exchange the phone, because you would likely get the same result with another SGS II.

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            Of course, but most are the same as I had on my N1 which had no issues. I am trying to root out the new ones in case they are an issue.  Any ideas on questionable apps other than the bloatware that comes on the phone?

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              What I would do is a master reset. Then don't install anything and see if it still reboots. If the master reset doesn't help, the phone is not good.

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                Yes, of course that is my last choice for testing before returning.  I just checked and have ony two new apps that were not on my N1.  TeslaLED and NoLED.


                I really don't want it to be NoLED cause this program is fantastic with no trackball or LED.

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                  NoLED runs in the background and was created for Galaxy S from what I know. This might be it. Anyway if you root it out and it doesn't help do the master reset - sometimes there might be some leftovers in the system.

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                    Just re-booted again after sending a text.  Doing a factory reset.  Last test for me, love the phone but reboots unacceptable.  Never had any on my N1.  Will avoid NoLED while testing.

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                      OP, please check out, another fuorm

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                        Since the SGS II and the N1 are made by different manufacturers, and the N1 didn't have Touchwiz on it, there may be app conflicts on the SGS II that wouldn't exist on the N1.

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                          21stnow, Yes exactly thoughts!  you are accurate, " there may be app conflicts on the SGS II" ! this isn't first time.. the original SGS had same issues exactly like this. Due apps cause their phone reboot, because you did not reboot it after downloaded/ or updated many apps completly...

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                            Zoom:  let me know the results of your testing.  I'm curious to see if there's a particular app causing this.

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                              Lots of testing going on.  Reset device and loaded only 5 apps all of which are very common and do not run in the backround. There were many issues over at XDA about the other Galaxy S II (AT&T) doing the same thing.  Many like mine when it is just sitting there on the desk. Others when playing music or just in someones pocket.


                              Loaded an App suggested at XDA called 'StabilityTest' to hopefully test RAM.  I ran this for 10-15 minutes and no errors at all.


                              So, right now phone has been running for 12 hours and I have not seen any reboots.  Will keep it this way for a few days before adding any more apps.  I have another week to decide if I need to return it before 14 days is up.

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                                About 36 hours into testing with no reboots.  The top two programs that I suspect are:

                                NoLED - very likely (not installed)

                                Launcher Pro - Installed but not being used (Using touchwiz for now)


                                Coming from an N1, I am wondering how to use this phone with no visual notifications. Do you have any suggestions for that?



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                                  That is definitely feedback that has been given to Samsung from their previous Galaxy S devices (the missing LED notifier).  I'm not sure why they chose to not include that hardware in this device build.


                                  Unfortunately the only workaround that I've heard of being used are the NoLED type apps from the marketplace.  I don't know of any other functional workaround besides software triggering the screen somehow.


                                  I'd highly recommend contacting the app developer and requesting that they update the app to be compatible with Android 2.3.5 and possibly the newest Samsung Touchwhiz interface changes.


                                  Wish I had a better answer for you.  It does seem like you've located the issue and it very fortunately is not the device itself.

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                                    Well even after all suspect softwar was removed - phone is still rebooting randomly 2-3 times a day.  Returning phone under buyer remorse.  Cant have a $530.00 phone that reboots when it feels like it.

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