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    Using wifi for data but mobile network for calling?


      I am new to Android and very new to the My touch (3 days!).  I was wondering if I could set the phone to use my wifi at home for data, but still use the Tmobile network for calling (I don't particularly like the sound quality with wifi calling but don't want to waste my plan data minutes when I am at home with a wifi connection).  I turned on the wireless network and connected to that, and then disabled wifi calling.  So on the bar at the top of the phone I have the wifi connected symbol and the mobile network reception symbol.  Is this right?

      Thanks for any info!!

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          i maybe wrong, but i dont think that can work. From what i understand, the data/cell conncetion will work with your signal, and if your using the signal for calling, data will start to download as well.


          I'm suprised your having issues with the sounds quality of wifi calling. It's seems flawless to me. Have you tried a hard reset to see if your having the same issues with wifi calling. If your still having issues, maybe you can exchange your phone for a new one since it's fairly new and see if the issues presist


          I could not live w/o it as the signal is very low for tmobile in my home.


          Hope ya find an answer to your issue.

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            This sounds right to me, and it's what I do. I use my home Wi-fi for data and the cellular network for calls on my Sensation. I had problems similar to yours with the call quality on Wi-fi. I have great reception from T-Mobile where I live, so I prefer cellular calling.

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              Yes you can connect the myTouch 4G Slide to your wi-fi network for the data connection and force all calls through T-mobile's cell network.


              To do this you need to change the Wi-Fi Calling feature to "Cellular Preferred" or off entirely. See the instructions below.


              Wi-Fi Calling


              When you're in a place with limited cellular coverage but with Wi-Fi® connection, use Wi-Fi Calling to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi using your available rate plan minutes.


              Turning on Wi-Fi Calling
              Make sure that myTouch 4G Slide is connected to a Wi-Fi network before you turn on Wi-Fi Calling.

              1. On the Home screen, tap > Wi-Fi Calling.
              2. Read the important notice about emergency calling, and then tap Dismiss.
              3. Tap the Wi-Fi Calling switch. myTouch 4G Slide then connects to the T-Mobile network and shows Active on the screen when connected. You can then go to the Phone dialer, Call log, or Contacts app to make calls.


              Changing Wi-Fi Calling settings
              1. On the Wi-Fi Calling screen, press and tap Settings > Connection preferences.
              2. Select a connection option, and then tap OK.


              Wi-Fi Preferred
              When you make calls, the Wi-Fi network is preferred over the cellular network. You must stay in the Wi-Fi range when calling.


              Cellular Preferred
              When you make calls, the cellular network is preferred over the Wi-Fi network.


              Wi-Fi Only
              myTouch 4G Slide will always use the Wi-Fi network when you make a call. You must stay in the Wi-Fi range when calling.


              Turning off Wi-Fi Calling
              1. Press and hold the status bar, and then slide your finger downward to open the Notifications panel.
              2. Tap Wi-Fi Calling Ready.
              3. Tap the switch to turn off Wi-Fi Calling.


              Source: Page 43 of the user manual; http://cache.mytouch.t-mobile.com/utils/downloads.ashx?file=user_manuals/mytouch-4g-slide-user-manual.pdf