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Support? There is no support!

What kind of BS is this? On the T Mobile support page, there is no support!!!! No one you can call, no one you can text, no one you can email. No help for your devices. There is only a bunch of people complaining that they can't get any support! T Mobile stinks! This Galaxy Tab is slow, glitch filled, and stupid without that 2.3 Gingerbread upgrade. I have had it for 6 months, and I get NO help for it. I WANT THE UPGRADE NOW OR I WANT MY MONEY BACK , YOU THIEVES!

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    How about the Contract Us link that appears on the bottom of just about every page on the main TM site?

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    I called T-mobile and they did not know anything about it. They gave me Samsung's number. I called Samsung, and they said they were working on the update for T-Mobile's Galaxy Tab, but it was not ready yet. They could not give me a projected date when it would be ready. IN OTHER WORDS, since every other company in America HAS this update for their Galaxy Tab, something is wrong with the T-Mobile/Samsung relationship. Either T-Mobile didn't come up with some money they needed to come up with, or T=Mobile does not give a **** about it's customers, Obviously, if more manpower was delelgated to this task, it would be accomplished in one day. But T-Mobile and Samsung do not want to do the job. MAybe  T-Mobile is leaving us with bad tablets so they can push other newer devices. Well, this cost $600 so make good, you crooks! Whatever it is, certainly bad things are giong on here! I am suffereing and T Mobile does not care. As if I would get another one from them!  NOT!

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    Hi Tabber,


    This is the number I was given to the T-Mobile andriod support. 1-888-987-4357. Try it an see if you can get some help. If so please pass it along to other and maybe something will be done about T-Mobiles support for our devices. Have a great day!



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    I talked to T Mobile and they sent me to Samsung who said it was up to them to finish the Galaxy upgrade for T Mobile. It seems T Mobile is the last company they are doing this for, and the woman couldnt't give me a timetaable for when it will be finished. We really really NEED this upgrade and I can't believe we are waiting this long.  I guess Samsuung has a low opinion of T Mobile or they opwe them money, or T Mobile has made it difficult for Samsung, or SOMETHING!        

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    Glitch filled? not mine, and I have both the 7 and 10 inch ones.

    you might have gotten a bad one. take it back to where you got it.

    and mine are both tmobile versions. I love my tabbys.

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    Well ,you are probably some slow witted fool who doesn't have to make professional serious fast use of your piece of ****.