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Samsung T 259 turning off on its own - Help!

I had a t259 that I got new at a TMobile store in May 2011.  I started turning off on its own last month.  The store arranged for a new one to be sent.  I set up the new one and the next day it started doing the same thing.  I bought a new battery thinking it might be defective but it keeps turning off!  Any one else have problems like this?

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    I have been struggling for over two months to have phones that work.  We bought 3 of these and they all shut off by themselves.  They sent me two new ones and they did the same thing.  We sent them to Samsung for repairs and they came back and continues to malfunction,  I am now sending them back for repairs a second time.  Neither T-Mobile or Samsung seem to care whether we have working phones or not and unfortunately we cannot afford to cancel the contract. 

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    I hear you.  I just found out a couple days ago one of my coworkers has the same phone and it started turing off about the same time I had my problems start.  I called, online chatted and mailed a letter to TMobile.  No reply other than we'll get you another phone for 20.00 shipping!  This is my first bad experience with TMobile since I started with them in Jan 2002.  If I could cancel I would!

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    I have a t229 that recently started doing the same thing. I have to take out my battery AND sim card,and after repositioning my sim and putting it all back together, the phone MIGHT work!!!!

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    I've tried that too.  I finally got a reply from TMobile.  They said their customer service reps never did "full trouble shooting" with any of the three phones I called on.  Maybe when I have time and patience I will call again.  I am considering just buying another phone style that is cheap to get through my contract.  Maybe if the sale of TMobile to AT&T goes theough they will let the contracts opt out of service.

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    The problem with the samsung t259 phone is the sim holder it will not hold the sim down tight so that it wiggles around

    and the loss of contact, which makes the phone turn off.

    You have to make the sim holder hold the sim tight.

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    Thanks.  That might be why it stays on when I put it on the table overnight.  It's not moving around!  Funny thing is the past two days it has stayed on while I'm carrying it.  Maybe the Sim slid into place better.  My wife's T259 still works great.

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    My t259 turns off all the time. It doesn't matter if its sitting on the table or in my pocket. It was my alarm clock until this started happening 3 months ago. My phone just turns off during the night, while its just sitting on the table. I haven't tried calling Tmobile because their customer service isn't the greatest. I'm thinking a new phone is my only option.

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    My phone (second replacement) suddenly started working perfectly in late Nov.  Funny thing is I found one of my co-workers had the same phone and TMobile.  We started talking and he was having the same problem as me!  Started about the same time too!  AND, his phone suddenly started working about the dame time as mine.  I am thinking it was some problem with that type of phone and TMobile service.  You would think a company would have wanted to look into it when someone has trouble with three phones (two as soon as activated).  Obviously I was not the only one since you and my co-worker had trouble too.  Hopefully yours will start working soon My wife has the same phone and it has never failed.  I work in Ann Arbor MI and she rarely comes here but when she does her phone worked so I'm not sure if it is the phone or the service in the area.

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    This may not be the answer you are looking for, but the truth none-the-less. The issue you are having is caused by the radio on the phone. The radio is the hardware/software combination that is in charge of data and voice transmission and your signal strength.


    This device, as well as many other older generation Samsung phones all suffer from the same bad radio design. This isn't something you can fix yourself, nor can it actually be fixed. Some devices has a faulty radio, when that happens and the phone detects a serious issue(like when you go to place a call), it will reboot itself, kind of like a 'fail safe' trigger.


    I know you were hoping for some great news that could resolve and stop it from happening, but the truth is, with the older model phones that do not run on a full operating system like Android and iPhone, these things aren't fixable by updating software.

    Read more: I have a Samsung T-259 mobile phone, and it keeps doing the - JustAnswer http://www.justanswer.com/cell-phones/5ckws-samsung-t-259-mobile-phone-keeps-doing.html#ixzz1gqu1SQfz

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    Well now I know why it was the free phone from TMobile when I renewed my contract......

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    This doesn't happen on all devices. I have 2 family members with the device. 1 does have occasional problem with the phone restarting itself randomly. The other has never had the problem.

    The best thing to do is keep the stress of the way the phone is running by maintaining the memory. for ex.

    Save all pictures to an external sd card. delete sms / mms freq on the device. Proactively restart the device at the beginning of your day. etc. this will minimize the problem.

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    Wish I had seen this post before I wrote my sad story at great length as a new question about this phone.  As you said, not the answer we want, but honest: and that's more than TMobile appears to want to do.


    When I regain my patience and find a way to call the "Loyalty Department" without redtape, I'm going to try for the best customer relations fix of all....give us a phone that works in accordance with the service we pay for on the agreement.  Considering we are paying for 100% and getting 80% or less, we have 'credit' for a new phone already paid in!


    I reached the 'Loyalty Department' once; I asked for a call back number and they said they couldn't do that...some Loyalty huh?