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    Why can't I download text photos?



      I am using a MyTouch 4G and the trouble I am having is that I cannot download photos that other people send me in texts!  What is stranger is that the person sending these photos to me (from an I-Phone) hasn't changed anything in how he is sending the photos, and I have received them in the past.  Now I just have a button in the body of the text that says "download" and when I press it, a few seconds go by and the error message "Message not downloaded - Unknown error" comes up as a notification.  What is the problem please???



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          Ok fews things here..1. Ask them to resend you the pictures, if you still having the same problem, then do this.....

          Go to settings>Wireless & Network>Mobilke networks>Access Point names>Press menu> select Reset to default..

          after you do this, make sure you see "T-mobile data and T-mobile MMS" and select the little circle in the Tmobile data.. i would recommed you restart your phone and that should fix it...

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            Are the pictures bigger than ones you got in the past? There's a setting in the Messages app that sets the largest file you can receive. You can up that to 1M. So, if the older pictures were smaller than the new ones, that could also help