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How to Clear System Cache - Samsung Galaxy Tablet


How to clear System Cache - Samsung Galaxy Tablet


If the tablet is not working correctly, you may need to reset it. While a hard reset deletes all you information, you can clear the system cache which does not erase any personal data or settings. To clear the system cache, follow these steps:


These are the correct steps but just for clarification: Clearing the System Cache does NOT delete any personal info. Only background/application cache


1.  Turn off the device.

2.  Hold the Volume Up and Power Keys together.

3.  Release the keys when the MANUAL MODE screen appears.

4.  Wait 2-3 minutes.

5.  Press the Volume Down key to scroll to delete all cache data.

6.  Press the Power key to select.

7.  Wait for a few seconds ad the device clears information.

8.  Press the Power key to select reboot system now.

9. Wait as the device restarts.