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Phone problems

I need help! My phone will have 3G all bars of service but it wont let me send or recieve text messages. When I try to make phone calls it wil show it is dialing out then end call immediatly. its soooo frustrating. I have to reset my phone like 6 times before it might work again. I have done a hard reset and a soft reset.


Please help!!

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    I have HTC-HD7, I had similar issue during Aug and early Sept. Unable to make as well as receive calls all the time. Finally, after contacting many times to T-mobile, they found something wrong with the tower and fixed it like 80%. But, we dont have the full signal that we used to. T-Mobile is still working with it to repair.

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    I had similar problem with my HTC-HD7 during July and Aug. But, now call dropping has stopped. I used to have perfect / full signal for last 10 plus years. But, since July I only have one signal bar. Hope T-Mobile will fix this issue with out further delay