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        You might try this: There is an app on Market called ApnDroid.  I couldn't find the free version on the (new, improved) market, but it seems to be here: http://www.androidfreeware.net/download-apndroid.html


        I have used it for years.  The program is designed to absolutley kill all data connection (useful when overseas etc.).  It allows you to talk and there is an option that allows MMS to remain active.  You might try that and see what happens.  If it works this could be your work-around as it's a simple toggle to turn data on and off. 

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          i was having this issue and i fixed it fast and easy

          Step 1. go to setting on your phone

          Step 2 . then go to wireless and networks.

          Step 3. Go To mobile Networks

          Step 4. click Access Point Names.

          Step 5. click the Menu button on your phone

          Step 6. click the Reset To Default.


                     you are done


          you should have somthing like this


          T-mobile Data



          T-Mobile MMS



          Enjoy your picture messages i was on the phone with support they tried everything had me reboot remove applications and everything but they never had me reset my Access Points i did this on my own and solved my issue.

          hope it works for you.


          P.s if  you use WiFi alot don't forget to add wifi calling to your plan then wifi calling dont use your minutes and the service is free they just dont tell you about it you gotta ask .



          Verizon sucks


          i was with them for 4 years and tried to update my phone befor the unlimited ran out they could not get into there systems that day  ( weird considering all the people who wa signing up for unlimited befor it ran out  )was told call back tomorrow we will glady do it when i called back they was like well are unlimted plan is no longer in the system i got a manager on the phone explain it to them and they still did nothing if it was my fault i would understand but it was there fault or the worker was being lazy so i told them to shove it up there *** and went to  T-mobile and aint had any major issues of course i live in the city and have a very good signal.....

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              Tried all these sugestions nothing worked but in the last few days I was able to get a few to come through so now maybe 5% come through the rest give me the same error message. I have about had it with T-Mobil  I am also now seeing that my signal strength sucks compared to what I had with Verison and I am finding dead spots which I never saw with Verison. And why should I have to add WIFI to my plan and pay more just to get something to work I am already paying for and should be working.

              I think it is about time to just bail on my contract and go back to Verison, if T-mobil tries to charge me a penalty for bailing on my contract that will be amusing because they will never get it.  Notice how they monitor this forum and try to help? have you seen one single person from T-Mobil offer any advice here? no they leave the forum for all the customers to try to figure out tech support issues and that is just pittiful.

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                Also, be sure the "Data Enabled" selection is checkmarked. This was unchecked for me and that is why I could not send or receive messages. I did not uncheck this manually either, the phone just did it by itself.

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