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    T-Mobile Auto-Pay

      I've been enrolled in auto pay, and it seems like T-Mobile is penalizing me by charging my card 2 days before my due date.

      I'm enrolled in auto pay with other billers and they all either charge on or the day after the due date.

      Can anyone explain my T-Mobile charges 2 days before? I thinking I just go back to paying manually and paying on the due date.
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          try logining into your tmobile account online and see what day of the month tmobile is taking it out.....you may be able to select a diffrent date or if that does not work call customer service or *611 and have them change the day your Auto Pay gets deducted out of your card

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            It may also be pulling the money out to make sure that it clears before you payment due date.

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              My understanding now is that they request that you actually approve having the funds taken out two days prior to your due date to "make sure" your funds are available.   Since T-Mobile can withdraw you funds at anytime during the selected day, if the date for withdrawl is the same as the start of service date you probably won't have service for at least a portion of that day. It happened to me, or at least I think this is what happened. 


              So although I can answer this question for you, I have not been able set it up for myself.  I tried on line 10/13/11 and got a confirmation that it was completely set up.  On my due date I didn't have service, but did get some very rude customer service reps.  I called the phone number at the bottom of my confirmation which is to the third party billing company and was told that it wasn't set up correctly i.e. start date and payment date shouldn't be the same,  Since I don't trust anything or anyone when it comes to T-Mobile going all the way back to their sales department, I had him make sure that nothing was done automatically so that I didn't pay twice, and just paid for the one month.  Today is the start of my new month so I called the same number directly yesterday to pay for this month and then had the rep help me set it up for auto pay starting with December.  Guess what, I spoke with customer service just before starting this novel and was told that nothing was set up for me.  So, now I think I know what when wrong the first time, have no idea about the second time, so PLEASE tell me how you set up a recurrent bill payment for your account.





              P.S. I got a monitor named Adam to try to help me with this situation but the department that should have the answers hasn't sent him a reply but I guess since it's only been about a month they have time.  I know because he has contacted me several time to give me an update or lack thereof.

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                t-mobile tehnically withdraw funds from your easypay or autopay account 3 days before your due date. it's one of the terms and conditions when you sign up for the service.

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                  i do understand how you feel about the whole setting up easypay thing and i'd really be frustrated if the same thing happens to me. have you tried setting up easypay on your online account? if not, check this path: My T-Mobile > Manage > Your Profile > Bill Delivery Options

                  changing/cancelling easypay must be done four days prior to your next due date. you can also do this with the automated system, just say easypay. or if you want to speak with a rep to set this up for you, check your online account 2 hours after easypay has been set up.