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4.4 update buggy


This update has really thrown a wrench into an otherwise great device. My note 3 was fantastic with 4.3, but since the update to 4.4 the data is sporadic, dropping the data connection a LOT, the ping times went through the roof, tried a clean factory reset multiple times, and even with no apps installed the results are the same. Since the bootloader was upgraded with this there's no way to downgrade to 4.3, there are a lot of good stable roms available for the note 3 but I really don't want to trip the Knox counter by flashing a custom rom on the device. This is a fantastic device but come on, t-mobile needs to spend a little time testing stiff before they put it out. FIX THE ROM. (Seems to be in the t-mobile specific  baseband not with 4.4 in general)

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    I seem to be having the same issue. I will be online and then I try to refresh or log on to another website and "data connection" is dropped. It loses connection many times and I mean like 20 times a day. This happened since we got the new update. I check my data usage and it is super low. What seems to be the problem?

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    Tech support got me a new phone, I applied the update before I did ANYTHING else (setup accounts, install apps) and everything works like it is supposed to.  Seems like the update leaves garbage from 4.3 behind that is causing a lot of problems. I see no way to Fox an existing phone short of formatting the system, boot, cache,  and internal memory to wipe it factory clean and then install a full ROM (not the update). The only problem is that the stock device recovery gives you no way to do this. A master reset or formatting the cache does not wipe the internal Sdcard or these partitions clean, hence problems of 4.4 conflicting with the leftovers of 4.3.

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    Glad your issues are sorted jt. I would suggest turning on wifi calling and leaving it active for a while to see if you are really out of the clear. If I would have gotten another phone I NEVER would have updated though, lol. Also I did a clean "master" reset and it didn't fix my issues.



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    Hello jtcarver,


    I'm happy to see you got a resolution after troubleshooting with technical support, please let us know if you need any further assistance. you can always contact us here Customer Service contact information


    - Brianna

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    Lol, troubleshooting was done my myself, tech support helped facilitate an exchange, only reason I didn't wipe the device and flash a clean ROM is because of the warranty and I don't want to lose my upgrade possibilities in the future (though I might end up doing it anyway)


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    Thanks for being on the ball jtcarver .  Please let us know if you need anything else.

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    Thanks, I'm kinda a tech junkie and love messing with stuff, I've got the source code for the t-mobile update,  but so far it looks like it's in the update script itself that's leaving a bunch of garbage from 4.3 and not in the kit kat itself (just my particular glitch, as I haven't looked into what might be causing the Wi - Fi issues that some are experiencing)

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    I'm happy ur issues are fixed jt. I'm a tech junkie and I do it for a living so I love what I do, lol! I'm going to do a clean reset from a ROM. Shouldn't void the warranty as I'm using ODIN (Samsung's software) and a factory KitKat T-Mobile ROM. I'll post back with results if it fixes my issues. I have been delaying as I don't want to lose my MMS messages again and I can save my non MMS but since having my Note 3 most of my messages include emoji so they convert to MMS. Sucks to lose all my messages! LOL!



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    I did it for quite a while (computer engineering), until igot tired of wearing a suit and tie all the time. Flashing the full ROM won't trip Knox, I've been running kit kat for a week now, since I updated a clean 4.3 I haven't had any major issues, don't know about the Wi - Fi since the closest hot spot is barely within range and slower than hell anyway.