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Dust under the screen

I just tried calling T-Mobile to ask for a warranty exchange.  I've had dust for a few months but just recently, it's gotten worse.  It's now starting to show in the middle of the screen.  I was told that it's not a known issue and I can take my chance with a warranty exchange but if they find damage I've caused to be the reason for the dust, I'll have to pay up to $200 for my replacement.  That's wrong...especially when it's obviously an issue with this phone and the Sensation.  Any suggestions??  Thanks.

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    Oh, and I say it's wrong because I've done nothing to cause dust under my screen. 

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    my suggestion and what many have done is get this issue fixed with HTC themselves.

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    Thanks Deacon, I had already talked to HTC.  I just might have to send it to them but I don't look forward to 2 weeks without my phone. 
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    yeah that's the bad part of it .. but it's really the only way to ensure you don't get a refurb from TMO with the same issue ... HTC will send you your same device back only fixed.

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    I am open to suggestions.  Here is my Sensation issue:


    I went to my local T-Mobile store and was told, "This is a known issue".  T-Mobile will exchange (up to one year), but they can't guarantee that the replacement will or will not be a "REFURBISHED" phone.  So, this is like the "lumps in the bedsheet" phenomenon.  You could get a refurbished phone with a dust issue or some other kind of issue.  Therefore, you can just keep on turning them in until you get one that is to your 100% satisfaction.  I don't think T-Mobile, or any other tech company can, nor do they want the hassle of guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. 


    The phone's metal housing is slightly bent on either side of the phone, according to some entries on HTC Sensation Forum and xda Developers, "

    The dust doesn’t come in via sealing foam between the touch screen digitizer and LCD.

    There is a bump defect of phone housing around the volume keys. Inside of the plastic housing is a metal frame, where the touch screen digitizer is stacked on - that frame is a little bended and the touch screen doesn’t stick properly on it (around the volume keys only). When you look close on the phone you can see also a little wider gap between the touch screen top glass and silver plastic housing edge. (See picture)."


    This reports that it is around the volume keys, but I have heard of it anywhere on the screen. 


    Check out some developer forums and you can learn so much about these incredible, but complex devises.  I really dig my Sensation and marvel at this technology.  However, I believe that we are still in our infancy with it and there are sooooo many kinks to iron out. 


    As for now, I'm choosing to live with the minute zing of dust on the right side, center of my screen.  I do not see it when the screen is illuminated.  If it gets worse, I will go to the T-Mobile store and play cherry picking by mail with the manufacturer and the dance of the refurbs.


    So, if I send back to HTC, I'll be without my devise for two weeks????  But,,, I'll have MY phone fixed or "refurbished", as it were??????