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    Long time customer discount


      I've been a tmobile customer for 8+years, and I'd like to know about any discounts or incentives for loyal customers.  I'm interested in purchasing the galaxy note chevyanllacs 3.

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          Starting in April 2013 T-M has just one regular plan - no contract - but the lowest rates around - especially if you have more than one line on an account.  Name of plan is "Simple Choice".  

             They also have numerous pre-paid plans which are, of course, no contract.


              They no longer play the old game of giving you a "free" phone (and bury the cost in a higher priced 2 year contract).   The only discount would be if you work for a company or organization that has a contract w. TM and TM gives a discount to workers who sign up their personal accounts w. TM.


             There is one present "special" offer on the table.   If you have an old working Blackberry, it is worth $200 towards the purchase of a new phone.

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            Hey chevyanllacs,


            Thank you for being part of our family for so many years, we truly appreciate you! As miket mentioned we no longer have subsidized devices, but in exchange this allows us to offer some of the lowest rates in the industry on our rate plans. We can definitely take a look at your account and make sure you're setup on our Simple Choice rate plan, please Contact Us!

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                Having started out in '98 as a customer of DigiPH PCS, which was bought out by Powertel, which was bought out Voicestream/T-Mobile, if T-Mobile gave loyalty discounts, my service would be free.