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T-Mobile giving out fake iPhone 5/5S chargers


I have a huge problem right now.


My charger cable was having issues and it eventually stopped working completely. So I went to the Apple Store to get it replaced.


When I arrived at the Apple Store, I was told the the cable was fake. The cable I received with the phone was thicker than the original cable Apple made and the bottom adapter base did not have the green dot and it had an Apple logo on it.


The real one has a green dot and no Apple logo on it.


T-Mobile has some explaining to do. Why did you give me a fake charger?


Also, now that I think about it, I was probably given fake headphones too. Those stopped working in less than a month. And they were taken care of too.


So I would like T-Mobile to give me a legitimate, authentic Apple charger and adapter because these fake ones are dangerous. I should get new headphones too.


I'm so shocked and devastated right now.

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