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    International Roaming

      Hi - I bought a Comet last week in CA on pre-paid - which was working fine - I love the phone - but I travel back to the UK regularly and the T-mobile guys in the store and the website all say that the pre-paid plan includes international roaming (expensive - but at least I know someone's calling me)


      Now I've got back to the UK I can't get the phone to register on T-mobile UK network - it can 'see' both the 3G and 2G TMOB networks but just won't register - so I'm stuck.


      Any ideas ?


      - Chris

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          I am also interested in International Roaming.   I will be going to Japan and Korea next spring.    Is it possible to use a prepaid Comet internationally?  How do you turn it on?

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            Well according to T-mobile - International Roaming is enabled on the phone as a default - but although it finds local networks while I'm in the UK, it won't register on the network, so I can only get Emergency calls.


            I have been talking to T-mobile support for 5 days and they all agree it should work and don't know why!


            I am now trying to log a trouble ticket and they are very helpful and promise to phone me back, but although they take my international number in UK, they don't seem able to call me back - so I have to keep calling back in - which is frustrating (I don't think they can call international numbers which is a bit dumb).


            Still no fix though. Maybe you will be more lucky - but you won't find out until you get to Japan/Korea!

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              Finally after 7 days of calls to support - I give up!


              International roaming may or may not work on pre-paid plans, but eth UK isn't a listed country for T-mobile - so it's not going to work here. Unclear why as most other European countries do work.


              Frustrating as support really don't understand this stuff ...

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                Sorry to hear Chris,   Maybe I should send my Comet to Japan to be tested before I go.

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                  Since there is no basis for roaming use in the UK (a bizarre omission considering TM's presence there) can they unlock your phone so you can use a local SIM?

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                    Yes - I'm sure I could use another local SIM but actually I wanted my US number to be live when I'm travelling so I can pickup occaisional calls & voicemail - so I guess it's TM losing out on the revenues ....

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                      An Update!


                      Having been travelling aroun the US, I've had problems that the phone wouldn't register in different states and had to take the battery out.


                      Now back in the UK and the phone has registered fine on T-mobile UK and is working


                      I can't explain, except maybe that I have added money to the calling balance as well as the underlying plan.


                      So fixed (I think)

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                        Took my Comet to Japan.   Would not connect to service there.   What do you need to do in setup to make phone connect?   I am going to Korea next week and it would be great to have phone service for emergencies.

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                          Japan had some unique wireless technologies. There may be some GSM services there a now, but probably still not great coverage. Wherever you go though, you need international service enabled by customer support before your travel. You also need a phone with the right wireless bands to support international roaming.


                          If you want to use a local pre-paid SIM you will need to get your phone unlocked, again by customer support. If you don't, you'll need big bags of cash to pay the enormous roaming bills that you will be charged if you actually dare to use the phone.... ;-)

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                            for prepaids, it is not a guarantee that the phone will work while roaming internationally. better to unlock the phone to be sure.

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                              My Comet did not work in Japan, but works well in South Korea.