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    Transfer to a specialist phone loop


      Auto-pay payment was denied.


      Every time I call 1-888-278-3397, 1-877-746-0909, 1-888-278-3397 , I talk to the rep, he/she transfers me over to the *specialist* and then on hold for 25 minutes and then it asks me to leave a voicemail and hangs up. I have left 4 voicemails.


      I have been in this phone loop since 7:45am this morning, it is now 12:00pm in the afternoon.


      Plenty of money in the bank


      Any advice, or numbers to call, or someone here to talk to ?


      I have no service period at the moment, I can not pay manually using a debit card online as I am also denied. (this is prepaid account) and I talked to my bank to see if they are blocking payments, etc ... but, all is good.


      Thanks in advanced.