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    Alcatel Onetouch Fierce won't turn on


      Brand new, got it from walmart.com yesterday.  It was working fine, despite taking a while to activate, I restarted the phone to see if that would update the activation status and the phone could not turn on after that.  I tried holding the power and the volume up, but that didn't work. The phone was at 100% battery, and I can see the white power light at the top left of the screen.  I would really like to know if this is going to be a permanent issue with the phone because I've read several other people having a similar issue.  The only other phone that looked somewhat desirable at the $30 a month plan that I wanted (100 phone minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data [first 5gb at 4g]) was the Galaxy S3, but on the walmart website, that appeared to not work in my zip code (94587).