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Error on Samsung Note 3 - Unfortunately Index Service has stopped


AT&T has provided a patch to fix this error to Note 3 users on November 7th.  To date, I have received no update from T-Mobile.  When could users expect a fix?  Thank you.


Error Message:

Unfortunately IndexService has stopped


Process Name:




1) Rapid battery drain

2) Overheating

3) Periodic freezes (every few minutes the phone becomes unresponsive)

4) With each freeze an error is shown "Unfortunately IndexService has stopped"



A Samsung index process contains a bug which does not properly handle error situations where a particular file cannot be index.


Detailed Description:

Note 3 index service stopped error occurs for many customers intermittently freezing the phone with a popup error dialog. Having done significant testing, this is not a hardware issue but a problem with the handling of errors from the index service on a Note 3. When the service finds content it can't read, it will fail with the popup. This is an incorrect design for an indexer. It should optionally log the error and continue indexing on the next item in the folder.

The same content can be indexed without issue on Note models 1 and 2.