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    ETF Question!


      Hello all,


           I was just wondering if I switched over would I have to pay the ETF once I got the bill out of pocket and then send in the forms to get a reimbursement for my ETF payment or would T-Mobile be able to get the money to me in time after I send in the appropriate forms to pay the ETF with the card. Just wondering because this will make or break the deal!



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          According to About T-Mobile's Early Termination Fee (ETF) Reimbursement Offer



          Reimbursement processing status

          The ETF reimbursement request could take up to 8 weeks to process. Provided you are still a T-Mobile customer in good standing you will be paid in the form of a prepaid MasterCard. You can submit and check the status of your prepaid MasterCard at www.switch2tmobile.com.

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            But does that mean I will be able to pay with it directly from that card or will I have to pay on my own then keep the card to repay myself?

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              I am not able to get any info in this support forum with regards to the said Master Card. But I can share you what I know about it.


              The T-Mobile MasterCard Prepaid Card can only be run as credit and if the card is run as debit, it will not work. It can be used at Gas stations, Restaurants or anywhere MasterCard is accepted. It can also be used internationally anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

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                Since it may take up to 8 weeks, you might need to pay your ETF by yourself or you could just wait until you get the prepaid MasterCard and then pay the bill. You due date might have past already but you should still be able to pay it then before it reaches collections. I've read stories saying that AT&T says your bill is "due upon receipt" and they will send your bill to collections after 10 days of them SENDING the final bill. I just switched from AT&T so we'll see.

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                  Ok Thank You! Maybe a T-Mobile CS person can give us a clear answer to this. Currently I have Sprint and can't tell how long I would have to pay the ETF.

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                    Okay, so I talked to a T-Mobile CS rep on the websites chat and she said that yes you might have to pay for the ETF if the card does not come in time, but you will still get the card with the amount of money of the ETF.

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                      So I understand about perhaps paying the ETF first prior to T Mobile sending me the Mastercard. However, if I want the funds back in my checking account how would I go about this?


                      Also, do I have to use the phones that I bought from T Mobile during the switch over from ATT to qualify? Out of the three lines I moved to T Mobile, only one is being used with the SIM card. The other two are using existing phones that I have. The two other phones I bought from T mobile are in the box.