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My phone won't turn on. Help me, please.


Good evening. I'll try to describe what happened...




Earlier today I tried charging my Alcatel One Touch Fierce on my computer using the charger cord. The phone was off as I did this.


After a few minutes, I tried turning on the phone. An error came up on my computer monitor saying an "unidentified USB device has been connected" or something similar.


I unplugged the cord from the computer and tried turning on the phone again. It didn't turn on.


I tried charging the phone using a wall outlet for an hour. Then I attempted to turn on the phone again. No reaction.


I've followed the "Master reset with hardware keys" instructions, but that didn't work either. Holding down the "up" volume key and power key for several seconds did not bring up a menu screen.




One user on this site left his or her device connected to a computer overnight to drain the battery, then charged it the following day and the device was able to turn on. I'm going to try that tonight.


I'd appreciate any help. I bought the phone near the beginning of November. I didn't expect something like this to happen so early. ;-;

Thank you for your time.

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    I was able to  get my phone to come back to life!


    If anyone has this problem, I recommend that you leave your phone plugged into your computer overnight or until the light on the top left dies out. Afterwards, charge your phone using the charger provided.


    I hope anyone with this issue gets their phone fixed. Thank you for your time.

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    im having the same problem with mine hope this worksreally cant afford to buy a now one

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    Do not connect your phone to your computer.  There is an issue with the drivers that are downloaded via the Windows Update.  It causes your phone not to turn on if these incorrect drivers are installed.   This only happens if your phone is off and you plug in or you restart your phone why connected to the PC.


    New drivers are coming shortly, in the mean time dont connect the phone to your PC.

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    I had this happen to mine. Owned for 3 wks. Ran by a T-Mobile store cause if they had to replace it I was going to need a loaner phone.  He noticed the white blinking light at the top left hand corner & said it indicated needing charged. I told him I fully charged it overnight with the wall outlet charger & it showed a full charge this morning. Well he put it on a charger for a couple of minutes & then held down the power button for about 20 seconds. Came right on with no problem and showed to be fully charged. I guess it was just a little glitch. Considering they are like little mini computers who knows what it was.  Hope this helps someone!!

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    Very interesting thread!  I'm glad you were both able to get your devices working.  I'm going to mark this thread as assumed answered.  khalifahedmonds, please start a new thread if you still need assistance.

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    I wish I had known about this issue BEFORE I restarted my phone. I had it charging via usb on my computer and since then it hasn't turned on. I was going to leave it connected to my computer to discharge, but I was a bit confused about whether the computer had to be on or off. If the computer stays on, won't it still charge the phone? Also I noted that the light on the top left turn on only when the laptop is turned on. On the other hand, while the computer is turn off, the light remains off on the phone. Any clarification would help.

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    Hiya Ruben. Sorry to hear that you ran into this issue.


    I kept my computer on overnight with the phone connected via USB. I honesty have no clue what caused it to fix my phone, but it worked for me.


    Keep the phone connected with the computer on. Eventually the phone light will die. Once the phone light goes out, plug it into a wall outlet for a few minutes. I hope your phone gets fixed!