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plan service question




I have a verizone phone but also have a tmobile sim card. I am wondering if I can use your plan service


I heard that my phone should be unlocked in order to use t-mobile plan .


So please check my phone is unlocked or not, and let me know if i can use your plan


my phone model name is SCH-l510

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    If you don't know if your phone is unlocked or not, it's probably locked (especially if you bought it directly from Verizon).  T-Mobile cannot magically look up to see if a device has been unlocked.  If it's locked, you'll have to get an unlock code from Verizon.


    The process to unlock your phone, requires use of a non-Verizon SIM - which means borrowing a friend's SIM.  If you know someone with T-Mobile, borrow their SIM for the five minutes it takes to unlock and you'll be able to determine if the phone works with T-Mobile by testing the features.

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    Hi jypondsmplyunprdctble is correct about making sure the device is unlocked from Verizon.  I also have some information for you about bringing your device over to T-Mobile Bring Your Own Device: BYOD


    Hopefully this helps!

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