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    Tried to "Unleash T-Mobile", but just got whiplash: my phone is practically useless now


      After 22 years with Sprint, I decided to "Unleash T-Mobile" as your slogan goes, but in return, I received initial happiness and then almost the "same-old-same-old", plus T-Mobile/Samsung as destroyed my phones usability.


      I have little to zero service in and around my home, despite the T-Mobile coverage maps showing good service coverage. Needless to say, I have to rely on wi-fi calling. Also, at my work, the coverage is spotty despite the fact I work on the 5th floor of a building with almost no obstructions.


      I just completed the 4.3 firmware update for my Samsung Galaxy S4, looking forward to the ability to move apps to the SD card (which Samsung stupidly removed for some reason), only to find that my wi-fi is completely broken. It will not even turn on. Rebooted. No wi-fi. It was working *before* the update.


      Without wi-fi, I cannot make or get cell calls at my house. I cannot check my emails for work on my phone, nor get texts, nor get push updates, etc, etc, etc. My phone is useless at home. There is something wrong with T-Mobile coverage in my area as it is, but losing my wi-fi calling capability and all data access is intolerable. I used to listen to internet radio while I worked at home, and now I don't even get analog calling like I could with Sprint.


      When is T-Mobile going to push out an update to correct this horrible update? Had I researched first, I would have skipped it, but I now find that thousands of phones have been messed up by this 4.3 update. T-Mobile didn't even start pushing it out until well after the other major carriers, so why would T-Mobile push out an update with so many known issues? What buffoon at Samsung allowed this update to get released???


      I am really upset, and I've only been with T-Mobile for 2 months and it cost me over $400 to get moved from Sprint, and now I cannot even use my phone at home without walking over 4 blocks away..... 


      <sarcasm>We're off to a great start here...</sarcasm>