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    Alcatel One Touch Evolve locked



      I bought a Alcatel One Touch Evolve t-mobile from Target.

      After it appeared under my account, I asked the customer service to unlock it as I wanted to travel out of US.

      My request was taken but only to let me know that my device cannot be unlocked because it has not been activated since 40 days. 40 days are getting over on 1/17/2014.


      Meanwhile, I travelled to India and now am not coming back to US at all. Now I want to use this device with a local SIM and I inserted a local SIM.


      It asked me for an unlock code and I did not know which unlock code was that. I entered my SIM unlock code asking the local operator and then I got the error message that the SIM slot has been permanently locked.


      Please guide me what should I do now.


      My phone is using Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2.

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          Can someone from T-mobile team please reply to this question of mine.



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            Hi nihar13. Thank you for reaching out! In order to be eligible to unlock the phone through T-Mobile directly, the requirements for Unlock your mobile wireless device must be met. In addition, there must be recorded usage on the T-Mobile network within the last seven days of requesting the code.


            In your circumstance, it sounds like inputting the incorrect code may have permanently locked it. I recommend contacting ALCATEL directly to see about unlocking options. I might also recommend pursuing third party options at this point to unlock the device. Please keep in mind these are not supported by T-Mobile directly.

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              Thank you @tmo_erika for your reply.

              I have contacted Alcatel thru the link mentioned. But there is no One Touch Evolve 5020T device mentioned in their list.


              Is it an unsupported device by Alcatel?


              I had been to the US on a business trip for 30 days. How can I show device activation for 40 days and usage for 7 days (from 33rd to 40th day) when I am no longer in the US ?


              I understand that these may be company policies, but cant we figure out absolutely ANY way?


              Secondly, I wanted to know that even if inputting the incorrect code may have permanently locked the phone, is it still unlockable by any means?




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                Hello nihar13!  Have you tried calling Alcatel?  Here is their contact info:



                Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PT


                The seven day requirement means that when you request an unlock from us, we must show usage on the T-Mobile USA Network in the past seven days.  That means that you made a call in the United States on our network.


                Please let us know what Alcatel says.

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                  Thank you @tmo_sean_l for your reply. I've initiated an email conversation with Alcatel support.

                  I've told them that the phone seems to be in locked state where it is not asking me for any unlock codes (SIM ME unlock code).

                  I am waiting for their reply.

                  I will paste their reply once I receive it.


                  Thanks again.

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                    Hi nihar13!  Have you received a response form Alcatel?  I just wanted to make sure we are on the right path to get this resolved for you!

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                      Hi @tmo_jennifer. I had a detailed conversation with the Alcatel global support (over 4 tickets!) and they have asked me to visit their local repair center and re-install the OS and/or firmware. I asked one of the local repair center in the city I live, and they told that they can do it but that "exercise would be out of warranty" with no responsibility if the phone is bricked while updating.


                      Would you help me with the stock ROM and firmware of Alcatel OT 5020T for T-mobile?


                      Thanks for the pro-activeness.

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                        Hi there nihar13, unfortunately we would not be able to push that through for you.  When word is handed down from the manufacturer to head on into one of their repair locations, that's going to be your best bet I'm afraid.  Thanks so much for all your time and patience in working through this issue, and I wish you the best of luck.

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