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    How do I get out of my contract without paying ETF?


      For the past year or so I haven't been happy with my T-Mobile. The service is sporadic with numerous calls dropped and text rarely working. More than that my last phone (which I just sent in for a replacement) would lose its charge in about 10 minutes if not plugged in at all times. The replacement phone is slightly better but still has trouble keeping a full charge. But that's not my new problem, My new problem with T-Mobile is that I accidentally sent back my memory card with the old phone and now the new phone isn't working properly. No one at the local stores can help and T-Mobile customer service is now telling me I need to pay for one, even though the phone won't properly without it. I am just tired of the bad service and would really like to cancel my contract without a problem. Last year I went through three phones in a matter of a few months because of faulty service. Is there any way to get out of my contract without a fee?