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Samsung Security Update


Did anyone else get a notification of a Samsung Security Policies Update this morning?  I updated and now keep getting a notification that "An application attempted to access system on your device without authorization....".  Of course, it never says which application!  Also, can't update any apps now through Play Store.  They all fail with an error 429.



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    I got the update. Installed it, but so far no error messages. I was running Play Store updates and that at the same time... no issues. And for grins I installed something on Play Store that I only had installed on my tablet and it installed with no problems.


    Clear the cache?

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    I got the security update and it seemed to update without
    any problem. I have installed a new app from the play store and it is
    functioning properly. Have you tried to power off and let it sit off for a few

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    Yes.  I powered off several times, no change.  I cleared the cache and started getting error 491 instead of 492.  After several Google searches I deleted my Google account on the phone, and added it back.  Still getting the 491 error.

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    What a disaster.  I've tried resetting all the app preferences back to their defaults, cleared the data from Download Manager, Google Framework, Media Manager, and several other apps.


    Keep getting a 'process.android.media' stopped expectantly dialog box every couple of seconds.


    The phone won't connect to Kies so I can back it up (even though I sync everything with Google).


    Have been trying to avoid a master reset and wiping everything off the phone but we're getting close to that point.


    Ever since that stupid Samsung security update this morning, I keep getting a dialog saying it's blocked an apps access to the system, but it doesn't tell you which app!


    Any other thoughts?

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    Hi mekelly,


    It sounds like you've nearly worked up to a master reset. Before you reset the device, please try starting the device in safe mode to determine which app is causing the error - Use Safe mode to stop a force close loop: Android. Please keep us posted!


    Thank you,


    community mod

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    Thanks for the reply.  I started the phone in Safe Mode but as soon as I unlock the screen, I get the same 'android.process.media' has stopped message.  No way to tell what's causing it.

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    Googling suggests going to

    Settings->More->Application Manager

    Scroll over to ALL

    Find Media Storage

    Clear Data.


    This video link pretty much says that, but has a few other ways to go about it. (Mind you he is on a tablet running ICS, but in theory it should still apply)



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    Thanks for the reply.  I have cleared the data and cache from probably 15 apps and nothing seems to fix it.  I called Samsung who said since it's happening in Safe Mode the next step is a hard reset.  If it goes away, it was a software problem.  If it's still there, it's a hardware problem and I need to send my phone in.


    Amazing to me that it could be a hardware problem (or at least not solved by a hard reset and reloading of the latest firmware).  It's too late to start all that tonight so I'll probably do it in the morning and we'll see what happens.  I'll update this thread for those that may be interested in finding out the resolution.

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    For those that are interested in knowing how this ended up!


    I did a master reset on the phone which cleared up all the problems.  So it was a software, not a hardware problem.  While I am glad not to have to send the phone back, the engineer in me is frustrated in not knowing what the root cause of the problem was and how to avoid it in the future.


    So, a hard reset solved it.  Hate the time/effort it takes to get the phone back to where it was but glad for the option to restore the phone to factory settings!

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    Hey mekelly

    We are also sorry about the inconvenience but it must be nice to have everything in working order again. If you have any concerns please let us know!

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