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    No Coverage, Tired of the Lies and Runaround. I want OUT.


      I moved from Arizona to Illinois.


      There is no data coverage in my home or near it.


      I sent on November 22nd, a letter to crresponse@t-mobile.com a request to be released from the Early Termination Fee, so I can get a cell provider who actually covers my home area.


      I am paying for coverage I cannot use.


      One call center worker who I talk to states that there is no record of my request being sent. Then, another miraculously sees that the request is in the system, and some enigmatic team is supposed to research my area and get back to me. I have not heard from them


      It has been more than ten business days. I am sick of paying for a service I cannot use, and the LIES and INCOMPETENCE of the CSRs that are on the other end of #611.


      SUpposedly there is some "T-Force" or somesuch that can assist that lurks this forum.


      I would like to get this resolved. I am very non-plussed by this runaround.