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Very Furious & Unhappy with T-Mobile


On 11/15, 2013 I have received a message from T-Mobile saying, T-Mobile making calls & Texts to the Philippines free from 11/8 to 11/30, 2013. Message: RELIEF EFFORT FOR TYPHOON HAIYAN in the PHIL. After the tragic devastation from Typhoon HAIYAN many T-Mobile customers are trying to stay in touch with their family and friends in the Phil. So, between Nov, 8 to Nov, 30th , 2013, T-Mobile are waiving and crediting fees for all calls & texts message to the Philippines.

"False Advertisement"

Here's my problem! Yesterday, I have checked my account & I have this HUGE amount stated on my account that I have amount due of $624.36 this month phone bill. Oh my GOSH! my blood pressure about to go up just thinking about this amount of money on a few calls that I made this past few weeks trying to find family and friends in the Philippines. I would not have made any calls through T-Mobile if it wasn't offered to me to begin with. Mine now, I did read all the fine lines that was written and made sure that it was all good and valid. This is just CRAZY!

PLEASE HELP! Anyone.. to resolve this problem...I don't have this kind of money to pay for a phone bill right now and still my family back in the Philippines some are still missing and some are dead...