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Samsung S4 - How Enable Background Data?


I just finished downloading the T-Mobile update for Android 4.3, but it has caused a glitch that keeps my Samsung GalaxyS4 from accessing the Google Play Store.


Each attempt to click on Play Store results in being directed to a “Sync” screen, with the message that “Background data disabled.”  It wants me to “enable background data.”  My only alternatives at that screen are to “Quit,” or click “Enable.”


However, when I click “Enable,”  it takes me to a screen titled “Sync settings.”  That screen displays 4 Email accounts that I have, but there is no apparent link to anything having to do with “Background data.”  Further, clicking on each of those accounts leads to nothing dealing with “background data.”


I have searched through all the S4 Settings (many times), but cannot locate anything that seems to deal with “Enable background data.”  I also did a Google search for this issue, but the only seeming helpful reference wants me to go to Settings – Wireless and Networks…, but that specific menu title does not exist in the Samsung S4.  [Ultimately, what that reference wants me do is reach a menu choice that ensures “Auto sync data is selected.”  However, I see no way within the S4 settings/menus to “Auto sync data.”]


What recommendations are there for “Enabling background data,” so that I can use the Google Play Store?

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    Thanks to a response in Howardforums, I have solved my problem.


    I googled something LIKE "solving google play store problem," and that led to a useful link:  I chose the most recent one, which was dated Nov. 23, 2013.


    Solution was quickly achieved by following advice to..."Empty the cache."  Thus, I accessed "Application Manager," selected Google Play Store, and clicked at the bottom:  "Empty cache."


    Perhaps this will help some other unfortunate updates to Android 4.1.3