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    How to add a downloaded ringtone to text messages?

      i have downloaded a better ringtone for my text messages but i can only see the original factory ringtones when i try to change it. i can set the same tone to my calls just not texts. i dont know what is going on with that but i need more than a ding to tell me i have a message. also i just had a gravity touch phone and it would let you set the text alert to periodically in case you missed it the first time and that was very helpful. is there anyway to do that with the gravity smart. i cant find that either?

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          When you go to your messaging screen where all of your messages are visible, press the menu button. After you press the menu button you go to settings then all the way down to SELECT RINGTONE and then your done!


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            Create a folder titled music on your internal sdcard or external sdcard if you don't have one already. Drop all your MP3 ringtones into that folder.


            Go into messaging app>menu>settings. Check notifications.


            Download Ringdroid from the market.  I like this way because it allows me to pick a MP3 ringtone and crop just the section of the MP3 I want as my notification or ringtone sound.  If you go the Ringdroid route, you will be given an option to use the MP3 ringtone of your choosing as a notification or ringtone, crop the section you want to listen to, given option to use as default ringtone or notification, or set certain ringtone MP3's to different contacts.  It is extremely customizable.