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Hello. I bought a Nokia Lumia 521 from Amazon as an unlocked phone since I planned to spend several months in Uganda, and will be using a local ISP. The phone came in a T-Mobile package, although I don't know why. I purchased 2 months of pre-paid phone (only) service from T-Mobile, at which point they locked the phone. Again, I don't know why. After the 2 months, I was able to unlock the phone with a code they emailed to me. But now the local ISP from whom I purchased data service cannot connect me to 3G capability which is what I need in order to access the internet here in Uganda. My questions are: (a) is T-Mobile still locking the phone somehow? (b) if I do a hard reset, will it return to the original unlocked status (unclear whether Amazon actually sent me an unlocked phone since it came in a T-Mobile package), or will it return to T-Mobile's setup, in which case, I will once again have a locked phone & will no longer be able to use it here.


Thanks for your help.

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    When you buy this phone brand new, it comes in a T-Mobile package because it is only sold as a T-Mobile device. There is a similar device called Nokia Lumia 520 that is sold in various international and AT&T versions.


    The phone was actually carrier locked when you bought it -- T-Mobile doesn't carrier lock devices that are already unlocked. However, they provided you with an unlock code which you successfully used. Now the device is permanently carrier unlocked.


    Question (a): No.


    Question (b): A hard reset will not change the carrier lock status. Your 521 will remain unlocked because you unlocked it two months after your purchase.


    I don't know why the 3G data doesn't work. You will need to check with your local ISP to see if they are compatible with the HSPA bands supported by the Lumia 521. According to Nokia, the device supports these bands for 3G/4G data: 850 MHz, 1900 MHz, 1700/2100 MHz (AWS).


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