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    Unlocked iPhone 5 - No Service?

      I recently joined T-Mobile on a prepaid plan to test the service on my unlocked iPhone 5. I have been having trouble connecting to the network. I had two short periods when the phone briefly registered on the network; once in the San Diego Downtown T-Mobile store and once at home. The rest of the time my iPhone displays "No Service" all over the San Diego area. I have been to two different local T-Mobile stores where they have tried a total of three SIMs in my iPhone without success. I am able to swap out to my AT&T SIM and still connect to their network with no problems.


      After my latest visit to the T-Mobile store with no luck they suggested that I take my iPhone 5 and SIM to my local Apple store to have them check it out. The Apple Genius ran a diagnostic to verify that the iPhone is indeed unlocked. After a full restore, they were also puzzled why the phone would not connect to the T-Mobile Network.


      My T-Mobile phone number shows up in the Phone settings screen when the SIM is in the iPhone. Could it be something on the network side?

      Anyone had a similar issue and how can I fix it?