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What's the meaning of AAL SimpleChoice NCCk UNLTT?


I have a family plan(3 people) with my friend, however every month my bill is 10 dollers more than them,normally we should pay 40$ per person, and the only different from mine and them is I have a " AAL SimpleChoice NCCk UNLTT " fee on my bill but they don't. By the way, they also bought the HTC mobile phone in T-mobile shop while start the 3 people family plan service.


Now I want to know what's the meaning of  AAL SimpleChoice NCCk UNLTT ? Where is my extra 10 dollers of "AAL SimpleChoice NCCk UNLTT "comes from? Can I cancel this " AAL SimpleChoice NCCk UNLTT "service?

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    3 lines should have an $80 charge of something like "Simple choice family plan" or something -- that's for your first two lines.  The third line is "AAL" (Add A Line) for ten bucks.  Making your line charges $90 (the appropriate cost for the lines for three people).


    Each line may have additional data (over the 500MB standard) -- and these would be sitting in the individual line charges.