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Unsure about Galaxy S II after Vibrant problems

I'm kind of on the fence about the phone. I'm still frustratingly using a Samsung Vibrant which has been returned and sent back (refurbished) three times. I also received a Galaxy 4GS as a "sorry for your troubles" but it had the same problems so I sent it back to forgo the contract with you guys. I say all that to say, I'm between giving this phone a try....or switching carriers after 10+ years with you guys .


The problems with the vibrant and the subsequent 4GS that was sent back were (Slow, Swype made up words, audio files stopped working requiring me to restart the phone (ditto for Youtube as audio is tied in), whenever contacts are running phone overheats, the list goes on..


So yeah, halfway excited as these problems may have been fixed. Half way over it with Samsung and T-mobile as a whole.

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    @greid1906 I have the SGS4G and I have had no issues whatsoever to speak about . Not sure what's up with your phone.


    Really though? Swype made up words? Come on dude that's an app not the phone. Audio files stopped working? Sounds like an app again.

    Contacts are running? Not sure what that means but if it means you are scrolling contacts, I haven't had any issues with my SGS4G overheating.... Again sounds like a bad lot of phones because mine is working great.

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    I've been having the same problems with my vibrant... Pulling the battery having my Launcher Pro Plus hang... Swype has gotten so bad that I switched it off. Still a huge fan if the Galaxy S and now that we're getting the 4.52 screen i'm super syked! Sorry AT&T! LOL

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    @raiderraffeal why all the complaints about the phone? swype is an app, not the phone.

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    Everyone I've talked to with either the Vibrant or SCS4G says the same about Swype. It assumes names from your FB contacts are what your trying to type and it can get pretty frustrating. The main issue I have is with it being frustratingly slow. From the time I swipe the phone when I get a text message to when I can actually read it can be literally 2 minutes! That's definitely not an app. That's the phone.


    As far as the audio. It's definitely the phone. My music files stored on the phone will not play wether I have them set as a ringtone, alarm, or I just want to play one of my music files from the music player. The same thing happened to my 4GS when I had it (reason why I send it back to forgo the 2 year contract extension).


    For the contacts, whenever I go to contacts to look for a number, it stays running the background and the CPU usage says 60 - 70% in the Task Manaager.

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    what swype "assumes" is the app related, which is what I addressed from your original comment.


    With regards to being slow, that all depends on what you have installed and loaded onto your phone.


    With regards to the music files, I have had, count it... zero issues playing audio.


    Samsung Galaxy S 4G... again sounds like you have a unique case. Contacts never stays running after I exit it, and it never takes up that much CPU usage for me... again all very unique, but not widespread.

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    Very true. As I stated, I switched swype off... All and all my knock on this phone was screen size (loved the size of the HD2) and no flash. But now I get those with the S2.

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    greid1906, I know back on the old forums, someone was able to pinpoint the media (mp3's, movies, streaming) error to the official Twitter App.


    Something in that official Twitter app, since it was updated to version 2.0 if I recall, would eventually interfere with streaming (youtube), movies (playback), and mp3/notifications. That app would, over a certain period of time ranging from 8hrs to 36hrs, begin to generate the errors.  Their suggestion was to remove the official Twitter app and it the issue was gone. I can confirm it IS in fact the official Twitter app causing the issues (again, for me and most others), although you do not have to uninstall it. I simply turned off all notifications relating to it, and turned off all sync to it. Rebooted the phone and voila, haven't had an issue since.


    To further test it, I enabled sync/notifications, and within 24 hours, errors came back. Turned them off and I'm working again and have been for months without any issues*.


    So, see if that is indeed causing your media issues as well. If so, convert to another twitter app and you should be okay! Hope that helped in any way.


    Also, I confirm the Contacts issue on stock Vibrant 2.2/KB5. Whenever going into your contacts and exiting out, it remains running in the background. Me, being the anal retentive person that I am, I've always just gone into task mgr and killed it. The few times I have left it running on accident, it does in fact eat cpu/battery like mad.


    It is such a shame because I love the design and love the screen. The poor GPS, wi-fi errors, twitter/media interference, samsung widgets randomly not working, and a few other annoyances make this phone unproductive. The specs of the SGS2 made my jaw drop, but I will wait a bit and see how the phone pans out. There's always the Amaze 4G

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    I wouldn't get the T-Mobile Galaxy S II but not because of the Vibrant issues.  I wouldn't get it because they put a crappy processor in the T-Mobile Galaxy S II instead of the great processor they put in every other Galaxy S II model.  It's a total deal-breaker for me.  I understand the reason they did it (T-Mobile 4G antenna on-chip) but I'm not going to buy basically old technology that they just sped up and added dual cores to.  Sorry.  T-Mobile needs to get the CPU manufactures on-board to incorporate the T-Mobile antennas on-chip or us T-Mobile customers are going to be stuck with old and slow technology or a trade-off of poor battery life.