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    Note 3 Wifi calling and internet issues


      Kind of at wits end on what else to try on my Note 3.  Hoping someone else might have some ideas.  Support just seems to think doing factory resets to the phone every day is the way to fix my issue, which A) Doesn't work and B) isn't very practical.


      My issues started with the Note 3 dropping wifi connections constantly in our house.  We don't really believe it to be a router/AP issue as I have a mytouch slide in the house and an iphone 5s using the same Wifi with no issues at all.


      After some investigation on my own, I have found that if I set up the WPA2 security on my AP to only use AES encryption (no TKIP), my internet wifi connection on the note 3 became much more stable.  Wifi calling outbound became better, but I still experience intermittent drops.  On the inbound side, I no longer have the 1:25 drop, but like outbound I have intermittent drops.  My son, on his mytouch slide never drops a call, even when he is working from home.  His calls last for hours.


      I have the same issue in several wifi locations outside my home, including 3 or 4 airports and several different hotel chains (Marriott, Hilton, etc).  Forget about using wifi on Southwest airlines or Delta, the connection terminates within 5-30 seconds of connecting to their networks.


      I've turned off the auto-scanning and several other options based on research I have done on the web, but still no joy.  Discussions with Samsung only leads to a "it's your carrier" conclusion.


      I'm not sure who actually supplies the wifi software, although I would think it would be either a Samsung firmware/Android driver issue based on the constant renewal of the "Calls will be made over Wi-Fi" messages that pop up at the top of the screen.  I think this is a symptom that shows the wifi connection is actually dropping and reconnecting even when no calls/internet connectivity is occurring (at least any communication that I knowingly initiate). 


      Overall, I love the phone, but I really need to get this issue fixed.  I am hoping someone has received a resolution from T-Mobile/Samsung that just hasn't been shared as of yet. 


      Thanks for reading.

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          We would love to look into this with you with more information. I have sent you a private message with instructions on how to email us directly. We look forward to working with you. If you're unsure how to access your private messages, you can check them here

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            I just replied on another post. I've had the same issues with 3 separate Note 3's now in a little over the 2 weeks I've owned them. TMobile reacts as if i'm the only person who's ever called with this problem, as does Samsung. Like with you, Samsung blamed the carrier when I called them also. In the meantime I have an over $700 phone that can't make wifi calls without dropping constantly, won't connect to my work wifi (or select other networks), and experiences lousy call quality with garbled or distorted voices on every call. Like I said, this is my 3rd Note 3 and I'm past the 14 day buyers remorse window now. All 3 phones had the same problems. I love the phone, but these problems are frustrating and not at all fair considering how much money I paid. Much as I hate to admit this, but my wife's iPhone 5 has zero issues here at home on the TMobile network. So, Samsung and TMobile have to get together and fix this. I'm a new customer, and this is disheartening to say the least.

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              This seems to be a common complaint with the Note 3 regardless of carrier.  Many are hoping it's a firmware issue that will be fixed when 4.4 Kit Kat is released.  One thing that gives me hope is that when 4.3 was put onto many Galaxy S3s there were connectivity problems, as well as others so Samsung pulled it.  It didn't make it into many markets or carriers though.

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                It's not just limited to the Note 3. My LG G2 has the same issues. People sound tinny and robotic on calls over wifi. And in about a minute or so, call quality over wifi drops as I can hear the person on the line, but they cannot hear me. Maybe it's the integration of T-Mobile's wifi calling app with Android. Also, iPhone 5 does not have wifi calling, so it's not a good comparison regarding wifi calling.

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                  attweb, I'm not a wifi calling expert, but I am a frequent flyer.  Just FYI, I flew with my mytouch 4g (with wifi calling) and my note 3.  Neither will hold a wifi call over the airplane's wifi because the router is configured to kill voice and video connections.  Not much bandwidth on those flights.  It's only really intended for web and email.


                  I am having the same issue as howiedub with tinny audio on my note 3.

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                    I am having the same issue with the WiFi Calling aspect.  No matter what router I am on, the other person on the phone states that I sound like a robot or alien.  It seems this is a widespread with the Note 3.  I work in a building where I do not have cell service.  There are 600 employees in the building, all of the T-Mobile customers do not have service, all of the Verizon customers do, go figure.  That being said, it is pertinent that WiFi calling works.  Is T-Mobile doing anything about this issue.  It is a shame I have spent $700 for a phone that I can not use 8 hours of the days because of the service and WiFi calling does not work.  .......Really frustrated

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                      jgreen,  I found the solution to my issue (which sounds a lot like your

                      issue).  When using wifi calling people were complaining that I sounded

                      like a chipmunk.  I found this link via google.



                      So long story short if you turn off the voice control option under settings

                      -> device -> call settings -> answering/ending calls and then try making a

                      wifi call I believe you will find everything works.  Long story short what

                      is happening is that the voice recognition running against your voice input

                      is tampering with the signal going out over wifi causing a pitch

                      modulation.  By turning off this option you now have a straight shot

                      between the microphone and the wifi calling codec.


                      This will also solve any issues you are having with bluetooth headsets.

                      Some voice commands come up in daily conversation and these can cause

                      interesting issues such as disconnecting from your bluetooth or switching

                      to the speakerphone.

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                        Great!!! Thanks a lot for the quick response on this issue.  I will try

                        this asap.

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                          I had this problem till some days ago (Note 3 and all of Jellybean Wifi problem) , but i solved it.

                          Its really simple

                          >you have to know this problem is because of ***** http://clients3.google.com/ ***** and if you filter this on you router means your wifi modem or by App on your phone your problem 100% will  fix.

                          you can chose one of these >>>

                          Type 1 > go to your modem and find -filter- tab , its various in every modem and after that find -filter type- and change it to -URL filter- ,after that paste --- http://clients3.google.com/--- into -filter list- and save and reset your modem , it surely fixed .

                          Type 2 > find some app for your phone to filter hole of your phone to not to access http://clients3.google.com/