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    Galaxy Note 3 - Dropped Calls and Distorted Sound

      We have a new Galaxy Note 3 and it drops calls frequently.  There is also a background crackling sound and echo.  The T-Mobile phone rep asked us to turn off LTE and see if that helped, it didn't.  We took the phone back to the store and the rep gave us a new replacement phone and a new "updated" sim card.  The new phone does the exact same thing.  If you search this issue on the web you'll find the same complaints mainly, but not limited to, Sprint users.  Verizon and Tmobile users are reporting very similar issues.


      I find it disheartening that when replacing the phone, there was no real effort to document the issues with the device we were returning.  Shouldn't this information be captured to help fix or prevent issues for others?  Clearly, there is a systemic hardware or software issue with this device.


      This phone replaced a Galaxy Vibrant that was working without issue


      Anyone else having these issues?  We're in San Diego, CA

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          You are correct and this has been an issue forever.  Whenever there is an issue if you do a search 100's of people complain you call TMobile they have never heard of it.  At this point one would assume that as part of a customer service position every now and then someone would do a search just to get an idea of what is actually going on but I guess this would make way to much sense.  Verizon just received an update because of the quality of calls issue.  That is why Verizon is #1 and we are not :-)

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            Thank you for the post. Each device returned is sent back with the reason why so no need to worry your feedback will get to the proper team along with your original device. Additionally T-Force will also deliver the information for you. We appreciate you taking the time to post and hope that you continue to provide feedback as you use the device.

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              I've had my Note 3 for a little over 2 weeks. I'm on my third phone now, because I noticed these very issues you mentioned immediately on my first two phones. They all, including this third phone have the wifi calling issues as well as call quality issues (garbling, bad quality sound, etc...). I also have trouble connecting to certain wifi networks. For example, my work network-which everyone else without a Note device can connect to...I've gotten the 'unstable network' and 'connection has been shut down due to low signal' message, even though it's a super strong next-gen wifi network.  TMobile's customer service line is very nice, but both they and tech support react as if I'm the first person who's called with this problem, ever. They literally tell me they haven't heard of the issues I mention. I called Samsung as well and received a virtually identical reaction from their tech support. I know I don't live in a vacuum, because a simple google search turns up hundreds of similar experiences like ours. They do seem to be consistent in that every carrier has been affected. Hopefully TMobile and/or Samsung are working behind the scenes to get a fix on this. I love the phone, and want to keep it. It's just disheartening that the primary functions of this device are its biggest problems.

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                Thanks for the reply Keith - But since no one wrote any details of the issue we were having down, I find it hard to believe that the issue we had will be conveyed in any meaningful way.