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    how can i unlock my T-mobile iphone 5c

      I was visiting USA betweem 7sept 2013 till 25th Oct 2013, and during that time i used T-mobile 60$ unlimited prepaid plan, which i refilled again for 30$, then on 21st Oct i purchased a Iphone 5c from T-mobile store in Houston ( with full amount around 595$ incl Tax) the sales representative sold me the "unlocked" iphone 5c confirming that this will work in your country i.e Oman since it is unlocked phone. the phone came with T-mobile sim, using my wifi account i activated the phone and made an apple account etc. etc., there was some voicemail from t-mobile which i ignored as i was about to leave USA, then on 25th sept i left USA and came to Oman, I inserted my local carrier sim and to my surprise it didnt work.

      after that i browsed through web and came to know that -mobile only sells contract free phone and not Unlocked phone which the T-mobile sales person did not informed me, which he should have even i asked him that it is unlocked and he confirmed and i purchased it without any doubt


      now i am in Oman and T-mobile free sim is not registring to any network here what should i do and how can i unlock my phone from here.


      This was a gift to my wife...

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          Hi fayskhan,


          iPhone's sold in our retail stores are locked and would need an unlock code. To request one you will need to meet the requirements listed here  SIM Unlock your phone

          If you do meet them please let us know! We would be happy to assist you with requesting an unlock code for your device.

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            hi Lucinda,

            thanks for your response, unfortunately the person at Tmobile who sold me this phone never told me about all the requirements otherwise I wouldn't bought it as I was leaving USA, anyhow I used Tmobile connection during my stay of around 40 days my number was 832-638-4153 with refill of around 90$, now in my situation I would luv to pay $50 refill to keep it activated for 40 days for this device but T-Mobile network is not supported by any of local carrier like Nawras and Omantel. here in Oman

            You can also confirm my purchase from authorized T-Mobile with my IMEI number which is 01 378700 921069 8

            I hope you understand my situation and the irony. please help me out.

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              Hi, I'm gonna join in on this conversation, because I am in a similar situation. Apparently there should be an international exception for this as I have also written in International Exception for unlock? which is stated by T-force member Josh_M. Do you know anything about this Lucinda?




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                We can appreciate your situation however our sim unlock requirements are finite and we cannot override them at this time. We will however pass along your feedback so that we can become a better provider. For now you will need to seek out a 3rd party that can unlock your device for you. Good luck and have a great day.

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                  Hello, it's been over 36 hours since our last comment so we are now marking this post as assumed answered. You can continue to post, and other community users may respond, but if you would like assistance from T-Mobile or T-Force, please create a new discussion.