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how can i unlock my T-mobile iphone 5c


I was visiting USA betweem 7sept 2013 till 25th Oct 2013, and during that time i used T-mobile 60$ unlimited prepaid plan, which i refilled again for 30$, then on 21st Oct i purchased a Iphone 5c from T-mobile store in Houston ( with full amount around 595$ incl Tax) the sales representative sold me the "unlocked" iphone 5c confirming that this will work in your country i.e Oman since it is unlocked phone. the phone came with T-mobile sim, using my wifi account i activated the phone and made an apple account etc. etc., there was some voicemail from t-mobile which i ignored as i was about to leave USA, then on 25th sept i left USA and came to Oman, I inserted my local carrier sim and to my surprise it didnt work.

after that i browsed through web and came to know that -mobile only sells contract free phone and not Unlocked phone which the T-mobile sales person did not informed me, which he should have even i asked him that it is unlocked and he confirmed and i purchased it without any doubt


now i am in Oman and T-mobile free sim is not registring to any network here what should i do and how can i unlock my phone from here.


This was a gift to my wife...