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Why dont I have coverage?


I've had T-Mobile for years and no matter what phone I have this has never happened. I live in an area that's pink on your little map, I refilled my phone hoping that would be it (even though my plan isn't due for renewal till the 9th) But it still says I have no service! I cant send or receive texts or calls, my phone is fully charged and has more than plenty of "time" on it. I have the unlimited texting plan, and I cant send one text. I have 4/5 or 5/5 bars, so I am getting a signal. I just sent a text two hours ago from this same spot, what's going on? please help, I need this phone for work.

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    We would love to look into this as getting you connect should be what we do. Where is this happening? Do you have anyone else around that has T-mobile experiencing the same thing? Is it only in the location you are now or have you seen this happen elsewhere? Thanks for answering the questions and look forward to getting you on board.

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