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Wifi calling on an unlocked android phone?


I currently have t-mobile pay-as-you-go on an unlocked phone. I want to buy a new android phone. I prefer unlocked because I travel and often need to use local country sims when I'm abroad. But when I'm in the US I often spend time in an area where t-mobile coverage is spotty and wifi calling would be a great solution. So my question is: can I buy an unlocked android phone with wifi capability and have it work on my unlocked phone with a T-m sim?

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    Wifi calling only works on a branded Tmobile phone.


    Unlocked  non branded phones won't be able to make wifi calls.

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    You might want to think about changing your TM phone to a regular plan (Simple post paid plan).  Starting Monday you would have unlimited data (slow, but plenty fast for email) unlimited texts, and voice at 20¢/min in over 100 countries.  That's going to eliminate the need for prepaid SIMS in foreign countries, and the hassle involved, for a lot of us. 

      You would still have "free" voice on wifi w. a TM Android.

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    I'm not surprised that T-Mobile doesn't support all of their features on unlocked phones; they are certainly not the only company that wants you to buy their hardware.  But as a recent customer who brought over an unlocked Android phone, it doesn't give me a warm welcoming feeling.  I'm sure that they would give some technical excuse, but there's no reason the phone couldn't be supported.  We need the service because we have coverage issues inside our house.

    The irony is that when I called T-Mobile tech support, they didn't tell me that it wasn't supported; they pawned me off on to Samsung tech support.

    You would think that a company that doesn't require contracts would bend over backward to keep you on their service.

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    Actually not all Tmobile branded phones have the ability

    to do wifi calling. All the Tmobile Apple phones and a lot of the Window

    phones don't have the ability.

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    Interesting.  So there may be a hardware component.  But my wife's unlocked AT&T Galaxy SII would allow wifi calling if it was a T-Mobile phone or if I rooted it, so that's a ROM issue.  And though T-Mobile doesn't sell them, my unlocked international Galaxy SIII mini can be rooted to support wifi calling, so, again, it's a ROM issue.  I suppose I could ask a T-Mobile store if they could flash both phones to a locked T-Mobile ROM.  But it boils down to the company wanting you to buy their hardware, no matter how much they encourage folks to bring over unlocked phones.

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    Now that Tmobile sells the iPhone you don't see them pushing

    the "Bring your own device" in ads as much. They were trying to get the

    iPhone users from AT&T.