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32gb Gold Iphone 5s


Has anyone received there Gold 32gb Iphone 5s yet? If so on what date did you order and what way? I guess everyone got tired and stopped updating these post.I ordered 10/5 and over the phone.The rep told me my phone should arrive in 2-4 days.Its been 2weeks.She never told me the phone was on backorder nor did it say it on the site when i looked.I was going to order online but decided to call in.Im also a new customer at T-mobile.Im phoneless

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    I ordered my gold 16GB 5s in store on 9/21.  a few friends of mine ordered the 32 gb the same day as me.  I still haven't received updated information or a tracking number, and you ordered yours after me, so just give it some time.


    just got off the phone with a rep, she said people that have had theirs shipped already paid the next day shipping and that mine would be shipping in 3-5 days.  they got a shipment yesrerday

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    you're lucky pure getting yours in less than a month.  some people been like me been waiting since it was order able

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    I ordered mine 9/20 at 11:00 est. 16gb.Still on backorder and still no info on when it will be shipped.


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    alanderp  thanks for replying back and the info.Im thankful to have a tracking number.Ive read on here someone order two 32gb gold and recieved theirs 3days ago.I also read that they are sending out phones and not sending email notifications.Hopefully ill get mines soon.And yes some people order on launch night you would think they would have their phones before anyone eles.

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    They say first come first serve.But its not happening that way.The 9/20 orders should have been shipped out on the first of the month!!!

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    I totally agree. It doesnt seem to be happening like that tho. Ive been phoneless for a month.

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    Pittman2308 -


    I order 2 iphones 5s, one 16gb silver and one 16gb gold, on 9/24 in the store.  My card got charge on 10/15.  I found UPS shipment number on UPS tracking system yesterday.  I got an email from TMO today said that they had charge my card the amount.  I saw someone order on 9/27 and get their card charge for the phone shipment already.  I feel sorry that you do not get anything yet.  Have you check your account?  You can go to the UPS tracking web site, enter track by reference using your phone number to see if they have cut the shipment number yet.

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    I had a iphone 5 with verizon but the rep told me i would have my 5s with 2-4 days so i sold my Iphone 5 verizon and closed my account thinking i would have my T-mobile phone that week.If i would have knew it was going to take this long i would have kept my verizon service longer.Mean time i bought a tracfone lol its nothing like having your iphone with music and apps!

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    yes. I still dont have a tracking number and the tmo rep said my order is still on b/o. Its been a hassle with them.

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    T-Mobile: We have received your information and will connect you with a T-Mobile Chat Specialist soon.
    Jerlyn T: Hi Kiara!
    You: Looking for my 32gb gold 5s im a new customer without a phone
    You: What day????
    Jerlyn T: Thank you for your time reaching us today. I'm more than willing to help you with your concern.
    Jerlyn T: Let me go ahead and check the order for you.
    Jerlyn T: May I have your order number please?
    You: XXXXXXXX i I already know it says backorder
    You: Tell me something different
    You: If i wouldve knew it was on backorder for weeks i wouldnt have cancelled my verizon service but the rep didnt tell me that.Nor did the site say 4-6 weeks or what ever it is
    Jerlyn T: I do understand your concern about your order, Kiara.
    Jerlyn T: We do apologize if this caused you inconvenience.
    Jerlyn T: I am currently checking for the information about the iPhone 5s 32gb gold orders.
    Jerlyn T: One moment, please.
    You: Any info would be appreciated
    Agent is typing...(THINKING OF LIES)
    You: Any info would be appreciated
    Jerlyn T: Thank you for your patience, Kiara. As I have exhausted all my resources, I'm so sorry that there are no new updates yet about the iPhone 5S 32Gb gold orders.
    Jerlyn T: Rest assured that once it is available and shipped you'll receive a notification about this and the whereabouts of your order, Kiara. We are doing our best to process the orders as soon as possible.
    Jerlyn T: I know how important it is for you to have your phone now.
    You: Okay

    Jerlyn T: I totally understand how it must be difficult for you to have no phone to use. What I will do now is to follow-up your order, Kiara.


    They have no idea when phones will ship.

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    I ordered my phone on December 4th, and I was not told that the phone was on backorder. Days later I received an email saying that my phone would not have an expected delivery date. After getting lied to, and getting the run around by several representatives, I still have no expected date for my phone to be delivered. No one can tell me when I can expect my phone. I have been told that the phone would be here the 14th. Then I was told that it would be here this week. Then I was told that I would be receiving it the day after Christmas. Another representative told me it could possibly be January when I received my phone. Also I was told if I cancelled my phone I would be placed at the back of the list. I was also told to go into a store and buy the phone when no store holds 32gb iphones they have to be ordered. Moral of the story. The phone that I have paid for, I have no idea where it is, and when I will be receiving it.